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Warning: This is a random post…I like to remember the small things as much as I can!

It’s been weeks since I took a Sunday afternoon nap. I’m past the point of no return because it’s way too late to take a nap, but way too early to go to bed and sleep through the night. So I’ll just blog away with droopy eyes, how’s that sound?

I’ve been slowly making my way through sharing pictures from Summer on this blog. I feel like time got away from all of us because the weather in Michigan was so crappy. I can count on one hand the number of days it was actually above 90 degrees. As a California girl, this makes me very sad. I long for the sweeping breeze to flow through my hair as I lie sweating on a towel filled with sand and the smell of waved water in the distance. All I can think about come May is eating hot dogs, roasting marshmallows over glowing coals, and letting a sweet Summer wine pass my lips and cool my tongue as I slowly slip away into sunken Summer bliss knowing I can do it all over again very soon. I love Summer.

Needless to say, this has created some rather boring weekends, we couldn’t go outside because of the rain. The rare days we could, we enjoyed kayaking down the river, watching fireworks, and going to a Zoo walk. Kayaking was interesting this time because not only did we go down a cascade backwards, we successfully floated on towards the next cascade, and promptly tipped over. We both recovered our shoes and belongings, got ourselves back in the kayak, and thanked the Lord and our friends that we moved our bag with personals in it to another kayak just moments before. I really wish someone had video recorded or took a picture because we were a sight to see! I’m happy we had life jackets on and the water wasn’t too deep, I might have felt a little more panicked if things went any differently, but they didn’t.

I was pretty excited a bunch of events all happened in the same week. Particularly because I could hang out with my friend Jenna. We normally see each other maybe once a week, and this time we saw each other almost everyday for a week! To start, we saw each other at church on Sunday, then we went to trivia on Monday. I was never into trivia before we moved to Michigan, but trivia is like a thing here. There’s all kinds of bars and restaurants that host weekly match ups- and it’s free to play! The bar we went to had specials so we enjoyed burgers and a beer for 8 bucks. You can’t beat that, at least not here.



We were so excited because one of the categories was Disney. Between the two of us, Jenna and I could out-Disney anyone.










This picture just makes me laugh and smile.

The Katie face, the oh you’re still taking pictures face, and the boo no fair face

The next day Jenna and I went to a training at our church for the children’s ministry. We both love kids so it’s a great way to serve, we also help with childcare for a Bible study on Thursdays. I hadn’t had enough of her I guess because I saw her again on Saturday to go kayaking (previous story is from that day) down the river and preparing our outfits for the Zoo Walk. Her husband works for a Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan and the Zoo Walk was to benefit kids so they can go to Summer Camp. We went to Joann’s and picked out a bunch of toile because we wanted to make tutus and wear hats that looked like animals. It was so much fun! This is a very similar tutorial you can use here. What adult woman doesn’t want to make her own colorful tutu? I took one look at that pink sparkly nose on my hat and realized I needed to be the pig!


Please excuse my blindly white legs, I told you the weather was crummy this Summer!


This picture may be a good representation…


but this one sums it up better 🙂


Just a giraffe, pig, and elephant hanging out at the zoo together

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 4.10.07 PM


We’re crazy!

How is your week going?


Have you ever thought to yourself that you could never accomplish something? You tell yourself that you’re too slow, too fat, too scared? Well let me tell you friends, I competed in The Warrior Dash and lived to tell the tale! Since I was a Warrior Virgin as they called me, I learned some things that helped me get through the race. Looking back on it, I’m so proud of myself because I never thought I could do it! Here’s some things I learned, that may help you too!

1. You “may” means yes you will get wet, dirty, sweaty, muddy, and GROSS! Wear something you don’t like, or don’t mind staining. I rinsed out our clothes and washed them with a booster and detergent after the race thinking it would help. My shirt and sports bra were ok, along with my shorts but our socks that were once black turned paper bag brown. Yeah, not so much…

2. I didn’t run as much as I thought I would.  I instead climbed walls, swam in deeper water than I’m comfortable with, and got into the blackest, muddiest sludge rock and grass filled water I’ve ever seen. I even lost my shoe in the mud, it was so thick! Before the race I thought the running would be the hardest for me, but it turned out to be the easiest- who knew?!

3. Do it for fun! I don’t know about you, but just the fact that I did a 5k was huge for me. I’m not a runner (although I’m working on it!) and I really don’t care who beats my time. I went with my husband and his best friend, and it was a blast! We didn’t run for anyone but ourselves! We were kind of laughing at the people that ran for time because it just seems ridiculous. I mean look, you’re running in the woods, swimming in the lake, sledging through mud, jumping over fire, who cares how long you take? To each their own and sorry if I made you furrow your eyebrow at me, but it wasn’t about the glory!

4. There’s always room for more dirt. It took me three loofahs full of body wash and scrub downs to get to a level of clean I was ok with. It was disgusting! The one good thing though, is even though our shoes proved equally as gross, we donated them!

After the race, everyone takes off their mud caked shoes and piles them up. They are taken, cleaned, and donated to people in need around the world, or used for recycling. Cool huh? It makes it that much easier to give away!

5. You will do something you never thought you could do. That is, if you try! The first obstacle was jumping over 5 foot walls. That was just the first one. Then I climbed over a water wall. Then I climbed over a 20 foot wall with a rope. And much much more.

The really cool thing is inspiring people! I was very surprised how many people responded with enthusiasm to want to try themselves! Even with my crazy large bruises on my legs! Someone even signed up for the next race when Taylor told him about it. Pretty cool, I must say.

So, what have you been up to lately?

Hey Everyone! Having a difficult Monday? You’ve stopped by the right place! Every week I will try to inspire some happiness, chuckles, and motivations to get you through your week! Please enjoy!


This cover is so beautiful! His voice makes me want to sit on a porch somewhere watching the breeze blow through the tall grass. Or make a soundtrack to my life. I think it would totally work!

2. New Meaning of Being a Sled Dog? <— My favorite of the week!

And the follow up:

3. Corporate Dogs– I really did LOL!























4. I look forward to Winter just because of this photo, can you imagine? Lago De Los Tres 🙂












5. Last but not least, babies with sour faces!





















































I hope everyone has a great week! I hope I made you laugh…even just a little 🙂

Exercise is good for us, we all know that. But somehow people forget about the things that help aid in exercise. Yes the star of the show at a BBQ will always be what’s on the BBQ, but what about those side dishes? The corn on the cob, the watermelon, potato salad, the baked beans? It all perfectly wraps itself into a pop of magic that goes directly in your mouth and makes you say, “This BBQ is so good!” Now think of that BBQ as exercise, and water as the corn on the cob. A ribbon to the delicious package.

Water not only has been an aid to exercise for me; it also:

Keeps Me Full

This is me when I don’t drink water!

To the- T!

I’ve heard and read from many places how much water we should really drink and I know what works for me. Anywhere between 80-120 oz of water is perfect. I’m tall, I exercise, and I feel so much better with that amount. The key for me is listening to my body. Some days I would rather run over hot coals than drink Other days (like this) I can drink 64 oz within an hour, no problem! There are times when I know I’ve drank too much because my equilibrium gets off and I have to just stop. And maybe eat some saltines to get the salt levels up.

It Helps Me Take Blood Tests

From that post you should know I am not good at getting my blood drawn. Anything simple like drinking water will help me feel less nervous. I’ll never forget before my wisdom teeth extraction- the doctor had a very hard time finding a vein because I didn’t drink enough water. Never again. Never again.

I Stop Picking My Lip!

I hate to admit it, but I pick my bottom lip. Argh, I’ve had the habit since 1st grade! I pick when I’m sad, happy, bored, spacing out, all the time. But not when I drink water because my lips aren’t chapped! Score!

My Skin Isn’t Dry

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have dry sensitive skin

Annoyingly sensitive!

What makes sensitive skin worse? DRY sensitive skin. Eesh! The worst. Water makes my skin so much happier, and the best part is that you can get water virtually everywhere. Besides my Brita pitcher and filters, it’s free. Cue music and dance a happy dance for cheap skincare!

My Family Swears By It

Though it may just be me and the Hulkster, any ailment we have is sent to the same place. Fever? Sinus headache? Cranky? Tired? Smelly? Get yo butt in that shower! That’s right! Water cures all things in this house. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken cold medicine only to feel worse and I’m still stuffed up, but then….”Go hop in a shower honey.” BINGO. All is well with the world as I’m transformed from snotty and shivering, to breathing in the warmth as I feel soooo muuuuch beeeeetter! Try it, you may just catch right on!

I Miss It




Ahh, those were the days. But look at that photo and tell me that is not sooo calming and wonderful!

Water is beautiful

And sorry Michiganders, the beach is not for the lake

The beach is for the ocean! Pacific to be Specific 🙂

It Keeps Me From Thinking Crazy Things

So this obviously needs an explanation. Whenever I’m not diligent with drinking water, I get dehydrated. Instead of feeling thirsty like a normal person, I start to feel nauseated. So badly in fact, I start getting crazy thoughts in my head. Like what’s going to happen in 9 months from now crazy! No bueno.

So… without water- I’d be overweight, anemic, bloody lipped, giant hive with a constant headache, chronic fatigue, that is worried she will spawn someone just like her {She-Hulk}!

Isn’t it easier to just drink water? I think so!

* Are you good about your water intake? What are your crazy symptoms if you don’t drink?

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