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I am still very excited to continue the Living and Active Challenge over at Peak 313. I had to take it a little easier than planned because I got a sinus infection but I was able to push through. This challenge not only makes me work physically on my body, but I have to mentally work too with memorizing scripture. I have never been good at that! Old Testament in order? New? Tribes of Judah and Fifty Nifty? I have it all in my head, but scripture for some reason is difficult for me. But I haven’t given up- no sir!

In case you’re involved in the challenge too, good luck! And I would love to hear how things are going! If not, it’s never too late to join in and have fun! I’ll blog more details when I’m feeling better!


The Hulkster and I have been slowly working through the couch to 5k program. I’ve found running outside really helps. The distraction of the wind in my face, crunch of leaves and rocks under my feet, and Taylor by my side has been all I need. I was going through my normal blogs today and I was pointed in the direction of the Living and Active 5 week challenge. I am so excited!


As part of the check in portion, there are a couple of things that I need to update:

1. What is my workout plan? Well, I will continue with the C25K program which is 3 days a week. The other day I’m going to try for something new and different. This week will be SWING DANCING! I am so excited because we haven’t gone in years.

2. Who is your accountability partner? So far it’s my husband, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only one that can help me out! I would love encouragement and accountability from anyone!

3. Are you excited? YES Ma’am!

Anyone else interested in joining me? I’m looking forward to this challenge, especially since candy and turkey day are right around the corner! 🙂

Today I was muddy, dirty, sweaty, really gross! But I did it! I finished the Warrior Dash!

Here’s a preview:

We’ve showered and have the Olympics on- naturally!

I will do a full post when I’ve officially recovered- I promise 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

There was a time I was what I call “fat.” Yes overweight, yes pudgy, yes pleasantly plump, chica muy gorda, chunky, and all that jazz. I didn’t start out that way, you’ve seen pictures of me growing up when I was so thin people would tell me I needed to gain weight. I had gained a little bit of weight after high school volleyball ended, but quickly lost it when I joined a gym and found exercise fun again. But then I got married, and I didn’t care anymore.

Marital bliss blinded me to the fact that there are trans fats in some fried foods, copious amounts of calories in fast food, and I just can’t eat all the hummus the world has to offer! By the way, that picture was taken before I did Locks of Love the second time. I hardly recognize myself! This was also taken after work, at a job I hated, I’m just thankful for family and friends because everyone there was a bummer.

It was so hard for me to open up to anyone over the issues I was having with food. I went to a young women’s bible study every week and finally mustered up the courage to talk to them. I was shaking as I told them about how I wanted to get healthy again, they embraced me with loving arms. No one had ever made me feel that comfortable and loved as a friend before. At that time I was really trying to eat healthy foods (mostly fruits, whole grains, brown rice, lean proteins, etc.) but my friends set me on a path that would forever help and change me.

I look pregnant don’t I?! Yeah, that’s what everyone thought too, but I wasn’t! This was also at a baby shower (go figure!) and I’m wearing a maternity shirt- Target is deceptive I tell you! All their maternity stuff looks like normal clothes! I’m so embarrassed by this picture, but this is all part of the process!

My friends told me I was eating too much. Too much? What does that mean, I’m tall so shouldn’t I eat more than you? “Well Amanda, even if you eat 5 fruits before lunch doesn’t mean your body needs it. You need to be eating foods that fill you up and help you curb your appetite so you aren’t reaching for anything you can grab at the moment. Fruit processes quickly, no wonder you’re so hungry!” It was eye opening, to say the least. I never really thought to myself that eating so much healthy food, would actually not be healthy for me! So from then on I changed- and this is what I did and do now to this day! If I can do it, SO CAN YOU. Please, let me be your motivator! I know just how hard it is!

1. Stay in your calorie allowance. I joined Livestrong, and used MyPlate I got so into it, I started to not check how many calories were in foods- because I already knew! It was fun coming up with recipes that I love, to make them healthier. What I love about the site is how much they stress the importance of exercise, which brings me to my next point.

2. Exercise. Whatever you have to do to get up off that couch and get moving, do it and do it now. I tried to reason with myself at first thinking that as long as I stayed in my calories I would lose weight and maintain. I did fine for a while, but it wasn’t until I started working up a sweat and strength training that I really got more toned and thinned out a lot. Exercise doesn’t have to be formal either! Some days I turn on my “running” playlist and boogy down while I clean. Pitbull is my favorite to dance to!

3. Don’t do a cheat day. I know this is big in the weight loss community, “Have a cheat day, you won’t feel deprived!” While I think the concept is good for people that have a very hard time sticking to a strict weekly plan, I think everyday should be a cheat day. Meaning, everyday eat healthy foods, but also allow yourself to eat unhealthy foods. If you’ve ever heard of the 90/10 or 80/20 rule, this works much better for me, and others I know. You eat healthy the majority of the day (80-90%) with good wholesome foods, but then for dessert you have a Skinny Cow or a scoop of ice cream (10-20%). Or you wake up and indulge in a donut, because you know the rest of the day is filled with lots of greens and happy foods! See what I mean? This has helped me so much, because cheat days for the people I know- means “gorge yourself so much you feel sick day!” 😦

4. Give yourself a break. You and I both know there are blogs out there that are so strictly regimented with food rules, it’s overwhelming! They have these expectations that everyone will eat vegetarian or vegan, organic, fair trade, locally, naturally, all the time! I’ll tell you how that makes me feel -completely inadequate! Not only can I not afford to eat that way all the time, I would be so concerned over every bite I put in my mouth I wouldn’t want to eat in the first place! Just thinking about my breakfast for example- I had organic vanilla yogurt with organic strawberries, topped with slivered almonds. Well everything was packaged in plastic, I didn’t wash my strawberries that well, and my almonds for sure have some sort of chemicals in them. See what I mean? I need to eat in peace! I can’t be worried about every little thing, because then I would worry about every other little thing in my life! AAHH!!

5. Stay at a constant pace. This has been the hardest part for me. Weight loss is a marathon- not a sprint! There are days I get so down on myself because without even thinking I rush through the drive thru because I’m running late and get a bean burrito. As I’m crumbling up the wrapper I realize- oh my gosh, I wasn’t even thinking about my health. I was most likely in {She-Hulk-Out} mode and all I wanted was food, then and there. But instead of feeling guilty about it forever, I figure out the calories, give myself some credit for at least the beans and cheese having some protein, and plan the rest of my day to supplement the nutrients I need to increase and the calories I need to cut back on. Keeping in mind the goal is always my health, and the race never ends until I’m old and wrinkly. Hopefully I’ll still be kickin it old school with sunglasses doing thai chi with my Hulkster- dare to dream! 🙂

So what about you? What do you do to stay fit?

What a day! I’ve got myself super comfortable on the couch, pretty sore from everything that went on. But it’s a great day to be alive right?

I bought some beautiful organic (hippie as we call it) strawberries at the store and was dying to make a smoothie. This morning when I woke up, I practically jumped out of bed knowing I had everything to make them. I even used unsweetened almond milk, a first for me! I probably won’t use two bananas next time, 1-1.5 is perfect for Taylor and me. There are some days when you just have more energy, and I took it as a blessing today because I needed it! I went to the chiropractor, hit up the gym, went to the library and bank, met my friend for lunch, did 5 loads of laundry, cleaned, and organized!

The gym was so much better than I thought it would be. After several weeks of getting adjusted, working my abs, ice, being sore, using a body pillow, hurting, massage, and doing it all over again, I was finally feeling like myself again. I was also able to complete my intervals on the treadmill. I even ran at 7.0, which is a big breakthrough for me. By the time I got to the library I was a hot mess complete with sweat and a red face. Oops, sometimes I forget how gross I am after I run. Ew, but worth it.

The Hulkster and I have been focusing more about working hard to get organized as much as possible. Just this year we made a goal of getting rid of clutter, and living a more simple life. It has helped us so much to know where things are, keeping us from being greedy, and giving us more mental clarity. We’ve given away so much to charity and it’s felt good knowing somewhere someone is benefiting from the clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies, electronics, toiletries, etc. we’ve donated. As I was organizing today, I kept thinking of more items I could give away and stopped myself. But then I considered it again, and I’m glad I did.

You see, I was in denial. I was still in “fat Amanda” mode. I was thinking I was bigger than I actually was. And I needed to stop. Other people out there may need the clothes I’m keeping- and I wasn’t letting myself give them away simply because I won’t let myself be the size I am. I put on a pair of capris I haven’t worn in years and let it sink in. I’m not fat anymore, I am the smaller size I am now. And then I decided to let go.

These cut off jeans/jorts are my favorite. They are ridiculously comfortable. Seven for All Mankind is my favorite brand in the world, and I was drooling over them when I bought them almost 6 years ago. They treated me well, and I them. But they just too big for me now, they are getting holes too big, and it’s time to move on.

It’s crazy to get attached to clothing I know, but I think when I was overweight clothes were my security blanket. I could put them on and not feel as big as a house. I could hide my tummy with flowy shirts and forget how much I didn’t like the way I looked. They allowed me to be in denial, but now they are different. Now they allow me to accentual the features I like, they allow me to show the progress I’ve made with hard work, and they make me feel good for being me! Those bags of clothes are my bandages, my security blankets, but now they will help someone else in need.

Are you good at getting rid of clutter and old clothes? Do you still feel like your old size even if you’ve lost weight?

Aaahhh…sigh. The sounds of happiness from a relaxing weekend. We have nothing planned, at all. I am so thankful for that! The only thing I need in my hand is a lemonade and I’m good to go! Don’t you wish you could pause time, just to enjoy the weekend a little longer? Oh that would be aweeesome.

I have something I wanted to address, and I need to do it now. While I am a healthy life enthusiast, there are certain things I do not partake of. Even if they have been coined as “healthy.” Whether it be because I have unpopular side effects (according to me), the health benefits are dismal and I’d rather have something much better for me, or because I just can’t handle the way certain food makes me feel inside! I really try my best to be open to new possibilities, after all I am a recovering picky eater child, but there are just some things I cannot, and will not do. Sometimes it can be purely emotional, but I promise these decision are years in the making. I appreciate your patience in knowing that you cannot and will not convince me in my pursuit of health to like these particular things, I am as stubborn as a mule. Don’t even think about asking me to try it, just one more time. I won’t.

1. Artificial Sweeteners

Nope, I cannot and will not do it. Even if I wanted to, the second I finish off that diet cola my heart would be filled with shooting pains and skipped beats. You guessed it, any artificial sweetener gives me horrible heart palpitations. That, on top of being terrible for me! I could go down the list of why you shouldn’t “eat” these, but let me give it to you straight. My husband the Hulkster is a chemist. He won’t touch the stuff with a 10 foot pole because he knows the structure and it scares the begeebers out of him. I didn’t even probe when I asked him because he practically shivered when I asked him. And trust me, he doesn’t scare easily.

2. Greek Yogurt

I know what you’re saying to me. “Amanda, Greek yogurt has ____ amount of protein and it’s _____ times better for you than regular yogurt and why won’t you just try my favorite brand of ______ and you’ll loooove it.” PAH! Hogwash! I’ve tried plain, flavored, brand X, and Y, then again just to make sure. I just can’t spoon that acidic blob of goop in my mouth, OK?! My stomach hurts, I’m hungry in like .46 hours, and I won’t do it. And you can’t make me!

3. Olives

Allow me to explain. When I was a little girl, I went over to my aunt and uncle’s house for Thanksgiving. It was my favorite time because I got to see my favorite cousin who happened to be two years older than me, and everything I ever looked up to. We were playing the whole day, waiting for the delicious food to soon fill our bellies. I happened to walk by the appetizer table, when my cousin took my shoulders and spun me around. She said, “Close your eyes!” I did. “Now open your mouth!” I did. What proceeded to then happen was only what I remember in my worst nightmares. I bit down on the rubbery salty nastiness and could not spit it out fast enough. “What was that?” I cried. My cousin, laughing hysterically said, “An olive!” I vowed from that day forward I would never eat another olive again. Even if it’s fun putting them on my fingertips.

4. Tofu

I wish I could eat tofu, but I can’t. It seems like a miracle food! You mix it with whatever you’re making and presto- it takes like chicken. Or eggs. Or whatever. The problem I have with soy, is just that- too much soy. Soy is in everything ! Bread, salad dressings, cereal, too many things. I can try to avoid it as best I can but it somehow makes its way into my life. I won’t get into the science of it, but I don’t want any birth defects of my future children happening because of an overdose of soy. Especially if it takes like tofu. No Fu, sorry.

5. Grapefruit

Oh sure yeah. Little innocent grapefruit. It’s pretty and pink all wrapped up in a perfectly peel-able package. I’ll just try it one more time just to see…”Ew! Blech! Oh! What is happening to meeee?!?!”

Ok, now that I’ve explained myself a little more you can understand why I won’t eat these food. Even if they are “healthy.” Even if they are your favorite thing in the entire world. Nope. I won’t do it. Alright, I feel better now. The thing with healthy is, you can fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables and your pantry with grains, nuts, and seeds, but if you hate them- you won’t eat them! Find the foods that you like that are healthy, and stick with them. They will be your bread and butter, well, your black beans and avocados! Hehe 🙂

I’m off to enjoy my Friday night, er Saturday morning! Hope you do too! Any foods deemed “healthy” you can’t stomach?

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After the best anniversary yet, the Hulkster and I woke up to a very cloudy morning. I could hardly wait for the sweet and savory smells of pancakes and bacon awaiting us downstairs. We had free tickets to the buffet and  I was eager to eat there after the wonderful display they had 4 years ago! Oh to pile my plate with some scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, maybe a cinnamon roll?! Well, it was all for not because we woke up at 11. Breakfast hours were over at 9. Drat.

I put my sadness of a missed breakfast aside when I realized: Today was our last full day in California.

To be clear: In less than 24 hours we were required to hightail it out of there

And then my sadness turned to my emo dramatic depression.

I shed a few tears and picked myself up my bootstraps, or sandal straps really so we could meet my in-laws for lunch at Claim Jumper. The only thing I remembered about that place from years before was that they had amazing fried zucchini, and the portions are downright huge. I’m talking Paul Bunyan’s got nothin on their entrees.We forged ahead with courage, gusto, and growling stomachs! Before I could drink my first glass of ice water, we received said zucchini and potato skins.

Seriously, when this type of food is put in front of me I {She-Hulk-Out} like nobody’s business. Those zuchs and skins didn’t even see me coming! Thankfully there were 4 of us to share, but I could have eaten them both no sweat. It’s times like these when I have to address what kind of eating I’m doing. Given the fact that I was mighty full just from the appetizers, I knew it was stress eating. I wanted to be good and tell myself dinner would be better and I would totally eat a salad. But sometimes I just don’t have logic as a {She-Hulk}, because sometimes I’m just friggin hungry and I need to eat fried food or I will stab you in the foot OK? Are you a stress eater too?

Hours later I made it all better by ordering a cheeseburger, not a double double for dinner. Trust me, on that day eating anything less than I was, I made progress! I felt like it was The Last Supper. The end of fun eating. And then I felt like crap after it was over and came to my senses. There’s a reason I don’t eat like this on a normal basis! For one, I will most certainly gain weight, I mean how much exercise can one do to combat that kind of diet? Secondly, I find no nutritional benefit in the long run of any of it. Sure, I could pick out the miniscule elements of some vitamins, fiber, and incomplete protein. But I won’t lie to myself. Not healthy eats. And third, this was all the way comfort food. No more excuses Amanda (smacking forehead!)!

Ok, that is all I have to say about that!….On Friday evening we met up with my parents to head over to Angel’s stadium to go see the Anaheim Angels play the D-backs. I don’t care who you are, they are not the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. That’s just stupid and greedy of them. Orange County is not in LA! Ahem, anyway…my sister, BIL, and nieces came to join the fun!

This field has a lot of memories in it

Particularly the ones of Taylor and I at Harvest Crusade…ahh memories!

The weather was surprisingly nice!

I also have memories of freezing my tush off at Supercross!

It took three attempts before my mom approved this picture. Oh mom…

The whole gang- My mom, sis, BIL, niece, Taylor, me, niece, niece, niece, minus my dad taking the picture

My niece Halle- she’s quite a slugger in softball

The Kindred Spirits

Ashlyn taught us a game called “Picachu”

It reminded me of “Down by the Banks,” anyone remember that?!

My basketball and boy crazy niece Alexis, she’s wiser than her years and quite frequently reminds me…of me!

And she’s wearing my sweatshirt, lol 🙂

As the game went on, we got bored

After all, the Angels were losing. They eventually succumbed but no one really cared because it was time for fireworks!!! They have fireworks every Friday home game. Cool huh?

Ooo, the field darkens

And just like when I was a kid, I watched in wonderment

The hardest part was saying goodbye to my nieces. I cried, again. I wanted to run back and hug them one more time, but life must move on. Our life is in Michigan, and we have purpose here. It doesn’t make it any easier though. Just the fact that I got to spend some time with them though, is absolutely priceless!

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