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To continue with all the craziness going on lately, we went to a wedding for our two friends. Taylor plays in the band with Matt at church and I think it’s really cute how nerdy the two are together. I have since learned that there is a big difference between nerd and geek. Nerds are broadly focused, and geeks are narrowly focused. For example; Taylor is really into gaming or video games so he plays all the games you can think of from Mario to WOW. A geek would play Settlers of Catan, and only SOC. Neither of the two phrases are an insult by the way. I myself am a fashion nerd, or a hipster as the Hubster calls me. Anyway, Matt married Erin and they were so cute!


A selfie is required for all events

I have to say, I was having a really good looks day. What’s a good looks day you say? Well, it’s when my hair corporates, my makeup looks just right, I’m not bloated so a slimming dress doesn’t make me look pregnant, my razor gives a perfect shave, all of that rolled into the excitement of going to a wedding and I was having a good looks day! Given this information, I was feeling good about getting dressed up and fancified. <– I just made that word up. We did have a major issue though with their gift. I searched high and low but the only Target that had the gift we wanted to get them was either a block from the reception, or 20 minutes away. No big deal when you have plenty of time and the ability to wrap said gift at home, but we didn’t have a lot of time and we didn’t have the ability to wrap the gift at home….so we improvised!

Sure, we could have gotten them a gift card. That would have been the easy option. However I am a super sentimental person and I couldn’t bear to think of getting them anything that wasn’t personalized or bought without a specific intention. We decided ahead of time that we wanted to buy them a tent that was on their registry because 1. We love camping. We put a small tent on our registry for our wedding but a family member got us a really cool huge 8 person tent for our wedding, so it was only fitting. 2. We thought it would be a cool idea because we could go camping with them 3. I had a coupon, and a red card so it was a really good deal 4. Since we got money off for the tent, we were able to buy them a cooler as well. All of this including wrapping, a board game, tape, scissors, and a card were purchased in Target, in my heels. I’m sure I was a sight to see with my arms full of camping gear in a dress. People were looking at me like I was walking a pet deer or something in there, one little girl tugged at her dad and said, “Look!”

Once we got to the car, the back door was opened and I wrapped everything up in no time. The drive to the wedding was about two hours away so we listened to music and sang really loudly. I knew my bff Sarah and her hubs were going to be there so I had her save us seats and we got there just in the nick of time. The ceremony was short but very sweet. It was really exciting to see a couple share their very first kiss*. Then the bride and groom were off to take pictures, and so were we! Sarah and I decided since we don’t get dressed up very often we should take a million pictures together. It makes sense right? So without further ado…

The glamour shots:



And then the not so glamorous shots. We could not stop laughing when we saw these later…what in the world?!


Stop; make sure you focus the camera


Where you going Amanda?

BTW, that’s the necklace I wore on my wedding day. It was my “something borrowed” from Taylor’s maternal grandmother. I was shocked when she gave it to me a couple years later. I only wear it to weddings, kind of like a good luck charm…even though I don’t believe in luck 🙂


Take a million pictures Taylor!




Failed attempted duck faces


This was Taylor’s favorite

We made it to the reception after scoring some gatorade from CVS across the street. I know I know, it’s so bad for you but sometimes you just gotta have red #5 filled gatorade. I may have mentioned this before, but I lurve dancing! I was so excited to get on the dance floor and boogy down. But first, they had a little table set up for everyone to sign a Jenga piece. Cute idea right? They also had a photo booth, which we totally hit up.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 12.28.15 PM

We had such a good time, but it was getting late so we had to head home. Not before a picture with the bride and groom!


Congrats to Matt and Erin. Marriage is a burden or a blessing, but only if you let it be one or the other.

Enjoy your life together, and let’s go camping sometime! Hint, hint.

*Since the wedding happened I have talked with many people of different backgrounds about the whole idea of saving a first kiss until marriage. Some have said it’s crazy! Some have said they could never do it, how would you know if you’re attracted to the other person? For me personally, I think it’s very sweet. I didn’t know this type of thing happened before I met Taylor, if I did I might have talked to him about doing the same idea. One say I’ll do a post about saving ourselves but for right now it was great to be there to celebrate such a special couple.


It’s been a long week, to say the least. I needed some TLC, and a good cry. I’m much better, and ready to give you some Monday Motivations to get you through your week!

1. Bad Prom Photos- Once you get done laughing your butt off at these photos, there’s a whoooole ‘nother gallery you can look at. And another. And another. And you get the picture. Ha, couldn’t help myself 🙂

2. You Winston You Lose Some <– Click the link to see the gallery. So stinkin funny!

3. 2012 Olympic Funny Faces

4. Taramisu Cake – I can hear the Hallelujah chorus in the background now!

5. Josh Turner- Time is Love. Ok ok, I know a Country song. But this song is like Taylor + Me = Exactly! Josh is such a beautiful person, his music is so positive! And he and his wife have the same anniversary as us…so yeah 🙂

Ok guys, get through that week- You can do it!!! I believe in you!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the Olympics so far! Here’s your Monday Motivations, to get you through your week! 🙂

1. In honor of the Olympics: Diver’s Faces– LOL!

2. Pictures of Actors when they were younger: Some of these blew me away! Others I was like…who?!

3. Oh Jake…

4. Adele- She is brilliant! I love the way she says thank you after she’s done singing- than koo!

5. Oreo Cheesecake Pretzel Bites– Yes Please!

Have a great week!

It happened again. Another fail. No matter what I do, I always seem to have crazy things happen to me. Or I’m just a downright spaz. Maybe that’s it. Anyway, in the past I’ve had epic craft fails followed by trash fails, grilled cheese fails, and random repairman fails. You might find it somewhat entertaining because I seem to fail, a lot! But no matter, this one was kinda funny. And this time I have a picture to prove it!

One of my favorite things in the world is a McDonald’s mocha. There’s nothing super fancy to it, nothing pops out at you saying “This is a delicious beverage!” But I love the random treat it brings me. When Taylor is feeling extra nice in the morning he wakes me up with the kind words of telling me he’s going to get me a mocha to start my day. Bless that man, I love it when he says it because in my head it’s the Super Bowl and I’m a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader- Taylor Taylor! He’s our man! But my body is still slunk into sweet peaceful blankets, covers, and pillows, because I’m still safely in bed. 🙂 When he brought it back I was sipping away, feeling extra awesome because this beverage was perfect, like always.

And then something happened. I can’t really explain other than a tickle started in my throat and crept downward a little. As the coffee hit my tongue, I could only brace myself for what was to happen because I started to cough and choke all at the same time of swallowing. There was no stopping it, I spewed coffee into my still free cupped hand, and watched as it ran down my fingers, all over my shirt, then to my shorts, and finally on my legs. I sat there in shock as Taylor started to chuckle, and then laugh as I coughed wildly with wide eyes. I finally mustered up the courage to talk, “What just happened?” is all I could say.

Really, what happened was this: FAIL

I guess the only lesson I learned today is that I’m a good sport. And my husband’s laughter fit was only saved by the fact that he was the one that got me coffee in the first place. I’m also grateful these weren’t work clothes or something.

I’d love to hear your fails! You know more will happen in the future, so stayed tuned! 🙂

It’s Monday again everyone! Most of the time I’d hear groans, but not in She-Hulk land! Every week I share motivations- to get you through your week!

What we’re eating tonight- Red Pepper Pasta, this time with turkey sausage. It’s so good you really should try it!

Please enjoy this week’s Monday Motivations!

1. Obama- Call Me Maybe.

I heard this video a few weeks ago and it just makes me smile every time! I think it’s nice to take a break from politics and have some fun, don’t you think? 🙂

2. My biggest LOL of the week– so funny!!! You have to click the link!

3. Jen Stark creations

Isn’t this so cool?! She takes stacks of paper and makes it into art!

4. Happy Everyone

Having a bad day? Please let Daniel Radcliffe, Leonardo DiCaprio, cat, and dog make you feel alllll better!

5. The 24 Weirdest Sleeping Positions For Dogs

This is called The Upright Derp, hahahahaha!

Have a great week everyone!

Hey Everyone! Having a difficult Monday? You’ve stopped by the right place! Every week I will try to inspire some happiness, chuckles, and motivations to get you through your week! Please enjoy!


This cover is so beautiful! His voice makes me want to sit on a porch somewhere watching the breeze blow through the tall grass. Or make a soundtrack to my life. I think it would totally work!

2. New Meaning of Being a Sled Dog? <— My favorite of the week!

And the follow up:

3. Corporate Dogs– I really did LOL!























4. I look forward to Winter just because of this photo, can you imagine? Lago De Los Tres 🙂












5. Last but not least, babies with sour faces!





















































I hope everyone has a great week! I hope I made you laugh…even just a little 🙂

Fathers’ Day already? 😦 Ug, a punch right to gut. I can’t see my dads today. The best thing to do is tell you how cool they are!

Top 5 Reasons I love my dad

1. My dad was cool as a cucumber on my wedding date

If you’ve been through the torture of planning a wedding (I’m being nice when I say torture!) you know how stressful it can be. The one thing in the world I needed was someone to smile the whole day and tell me how beautiful I looked. Thanks Dad!

2. My dad is an independent

Not an introvert by any means, but himself. Self-assured, confident, owned his own business while working full time and running multiple other things, all with a smile on his face and plans for his next vacation.

3. He comes to visit me- and brings my mom

Those leaves are making me miss Fall!

4. He’s a lot of fun

This is a high priority for me. I enjoy going to sporting events, eating out, and apple picking! When I was a teenager guess who took me shopping? Not my mom- no way! My dad always fell asleep ouside the dressing room but woke up just in time for me to do a fashion show.

5. He’s funny, like my mom

Oh man. This is how my dad takes a picture. And I am NOT kidding when I say this,” Ok everybuddy look over here! Say cheese! No, move over there! Ok everyone, one………..two………. smile everyone….now, one……two…… bunny ears…….one………..two………three………….click.

Yeah, that slow. We laugh after, but only after rubbing our jaws from smiling too long 🙂

Top 5 Reasons I love my father in law

1. He’s adorable

A kind, loving, sweetheart. Would do anything for anyone. Everyone who knows him, knows he’s adorable.

2. He’s old fashioned

He has a computer, iPhone, a GPS, and yet will always use a map.


3. He always takes us to cool places

Like the Redwoods in Northern California- really neat if you ever get the chance to go. Almost eerie how quiet the forest is!

4. My husband is just like him!

How awesome is it to know what I have to look forward to? My in-laws are the best, and they raised their son to be just that!

5. He makes me smile

Fun Fact: My father in law fell off the roof. Yep! In 2004 when the Hulkster and I were dating I got a call after volleyball practice that my FIL had fallen off the roof. He was putting up Christmas lights after it rained, slipped on some moss and fell off the roof! After shaking himself off a little, he pulled out a power screw driver from his pocket! Other than a few minor scrapes and a twisted ankle- he was fine.

Since he suffered a brain injury years before, they took him to the hospital where they put him on some pain meds. He went from talking like a normal person to singing, “Y-M-C-A!!!” at the top of his lungs!

The picture says it all!

See why I love my dads so much?


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