I must say, I’ve been really challenging myself with different types of exercises this week. I ditched my crappy gym for a newer prettier one, but alas Murphy’s law kicks in and I was literally stuck. Not only did we have a flat tire from a screw, the car dealership found ANOTHER tire with a screw in it. We ordered new tires, and waited almost a week for them to get here. By the way, we are a one car family so it was a really big deal not to be able to drive. Turns out the tire place sent the tires to the WRONG store! GAH! I had to bum rides off of coworkers and friends all week. I really really hated it. I couldn’t go to the gym at all. I’ve been improvising with a lot of walking. I’m not a huge fan of walking for exercise in general because it’s just so boring so I switched it up a bit and this is what I came up with.

Problem: I didn’t have a car

Problem: It was lunchtime and I forgot to bring my lunch to work

Problem: I couldn’t ask for yet another ride, and I didn’t want to pay anymore than I needed to for lunch, delivery is very slow because of the area as well

Solution: I didn’t need no stinkin’ car

Solution: Lunch was on the way, or at least was on the way

Solution: I walked myself to the nearest Tim Hortons and back for lunch

Let me be clear: this was not a leisurely stroll, no sir. My legs were flying, my arms were pumping and I was on the move! The walk was 3.4 miles roundtrip and I did it in 40 minutes. With construction, other cars flying passed me, gravel beneath my feet, wind in my hair, and the determination to get it done. And I did! By the time I got back to work I was sweaty and red but I didn’t care, just another tick to the exercise ticker. And that was just one of my workouts! The others included walking dogs and loading boxes, and doing whatever else I could to get it in.

The tires are finally on our car and we are free at last. I will be hitting up my beautiful gym tomorrow! 🙂

How is this challenge going for you?