Well it’s Sunday again, I couldn’t resist taking a nap. I wasn’t sleeping very well last night so I was on my computer just hanging around and staying up way too late in bed. My nap was less than an hour, which is perfect. Any longer and I might as well say goodbye to feeling any sort of awake tomorrow. I love naps, so much so that 4 hours is not out of the question for duration of time. Naps are the best.

So how was your weekend? Ours was really busy but nice! I got off work on Friday and picked up Taylor early from work. Thankfully the lab (he’s a chemist!) wasn’t too busy. That’s one of things I love about his job, it’s much more flexible than a traditional one. He’s still a slave though, don’t get me wrong. He was telling me about his current project and I just smiled and nodded and try to pick out what I can understand because most of the time I can’t.

We went to the Ann Arbor Top of the Park. I had always heard about it but I’m not much of an Ann Arbor scene type of person, this was really great though. There was a live band playing in the middle of the huge courtyard by the bell tower, several vendors with delicious foods to choose from, and a LOT of people. There was also this thing called Tangled. It was an open area where all kinds of strings of ribbon were hanging in all different directions and people were trying get themselves untangled. See for yourself:


It looked like an absolute mess but the kids seemed to love it! I was not about to get in that thing, haha. I can barely find my way out of my house most days! Anyway, after looking over everything I decided it was a no brainer and I was going to get the Wisconsin mac and cheese from Noodles and Company. With broccoli. Gotta have broccoli. I’ve been to Noodles and Company many times, I LOVE the penne rosa- I’ve never eaten spicy Mediterranean so fast in all my life! I wolfed down my mac and cheese, it was perfectly cheesy and creamy. Just the way I like it!


Our friends Andy and Emilie joined us. They’re due to have a baby in December. I am so happy for them!


I was smart and brought buy spray and my off! buy shield. Mosquitos luuurve our California blood. Not one bite! YAY!


This was our view. Not the best, but we didn’t really want to see the bands, we just wanted to hear them.

IMG_3997Here’s blurry picture of the bell tower. Andy was telling us it’s the heaviest bell tower in the country? world? Something like that. Naturally we were craving something sweet so we stopped at a new froyo place downtown




And hers.

I always get the same thing: coffee or espresso yogurt topped with some type of candy (these were mini mm’s) and peanuts, whipped cream, and too many maraschino cherries. Delicious. I’m so thankful there were non tart flavors. The tart reminds me of greek yogurt- blech. But you know how I feel about that 🙂

Apparently in the time we sat down with our friends to eat our delicious desserts, the froyo shop closed. And didn’t tell us. And let us sit there talking like fools while they cleaned and closed up. And then they told us half an hour later that they were closed. And we were embarrassed. Haha, oh well!

As you know from my previous post, I woke up on Saturday with some ambition and lofty goals. I spent most of the morning thinking about it, which is a good thing. I picked up the Hubster from work at 3:30pm and he informs me: I’m hungry. Ay yi yi! I wish he had told me when I dropped him off so I could be prepared. But thanks to my list, I had been resourceful and good with my time. Everything was already in my kitchen to whip up his lunch.


Tuna Melt + Unsalted Kettle Chips + Watermelon = One Happy Hulkster

He says I make the best tuna melts, I would have to agree.

 Later that evening we attended a BBQ appreciation dinner for all the volunteers in the kid’s ministry at church. The weather wasn’t awesome but the kids had a blast going on a slip n slide in the backyard. Did you ever do that when you were a kid? I was always too afraid…sad I know…but just like then, I loved watching the kids splash and play with friends. I was able to catch quite a photo of them before all the bathing suits came on.


I LOVE silly photos!

Grace Kids Ministry Support Team

Here’s the Kid’s Ministry Support Team

Did you also see how much effort I put into taking care of myself? I really tried!

Earrings and a necklace, geeeeedouttaheeeere 🙂

After the BBQ, we decided it was the perfect night to go see a movie. We planned this out because we wanted to see a kids movie, without kids. I’m all about kids, love them- but I do not like to go to the movies with them. Or on airplanes. Or on long car trips. We set out at 8:45 pm to catch the 9 o’clock showing of

Taylor and I have always loved Pixar so our standards are pretty high when it comes to the next installment of what was the wonderful movie of Monster Inc. I don’t know man, I’m still deciding which one I loved more. Monsters Inc was touching, sweet, funny, a special place in my heart. Monsters University was FUNNY! Wow, I found myself doing my squeal laugh several times I was laughing that hard. Very well done movie, but I wouldn’t say it was a kids movie. Some parts were a bit scary, I think ages 10 and up would enjoy, maybe some mature 8 or 9 year olds too. But seriously, it was so so good!

Now I’m all rested up from my nap and ready to clean some more. It is one HOT day, the air is on and I’m thankful for that. I hope you had a good weekend too!