You know when you go on certain blogs and you notice someone hasn’t posted in a while? And you think to yourself, what the heck is this person doing?! I want my posts! RAWR! I guess I must be doing the same to you because everyone has been waiting so patiently for me, I appreciate it! 🙂 Well I can’t really explain exactly why I’ve been so busy, its a combination of things. One of these things started back in the Fall of last year and it was coaching! It kind of fell into my lap actually. I was talking to my friend at church one day and discovered she recently got a job as the head coach of a local varsity volleyball team. From there she invited me to be the assistant coach since I had previous experience playing (although I swore up and down I had NO idea what I was doing!) What a good friend she is because she was so encouraging! She said I would love it and I’d be a natural.

I had my doubts. In fact before we moved to Michigan I had sworn off volleyball completely. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I guess things were meant to be because there  I was coaching at a decent high school level and playing twice a week myself. It was such a fun season, the team got along so well which is quite to opposite of what I experienced in high school. I was so encouraged by it that the head coach convinced me to coach my very own team at a local volleyball club. I just finished out my 2nd season, this one was a doozy let me tell you. Younger players are so much more emotional and immature. But I love those girls. If you’re ever having a bad day, tell your team and they will make that change. I couldn’t help but be inspired by their inability to let losses and disappointments ruin the season. There were some days I wanted to quit because it was so hard to move forward, but we ended up with a metal winning tournament, and it was so great to see their faces when they beat really tough teams. We had a nice little banquet at the end of the season, and that was it!


Winter season, yes that is one very sweet dog 🙂


Spring season, best server and best sportsmanship- two very important keys to the game


Miss Maddie, AKA Peacock.

I’m going to miss her the most. She reminds me of me and it’s slightly scary and helpful for her at the same time, haha. We shared a lot of laughs and I wish her the best as she moves on.

Sniff. Ok, coach face on again!