Have you ever thought to yourself that you could never accomplish something? You tell yourself that you’re too slow, too fat, too scared? Well let me tell you friends, I competed in The Warrior Dash and lived to tell the tale! Since I was a Warrior Virgin as they called me, I learned some things that helped me get through the race. Looking back on it, I’m so proud of myself because I never thought I could do it! Here’s some things I learned, that may help you too!

1. You “may” means yes you will get wet, dirty, sweaty, muddy, and GROSS! Wear something you don’t like, or don’t mind staining. I rinsed out our clothes and washed them with a booster and detergent after the race thinking it would help. My shirt and sports bra were ok, along with my shorts but our socks that were once black turned paper bag brown. Yeah, not so much…

2. I didn’t run as much as I thought I would.  I instead climbed walls, swam in deeper water than I’m comfortable with, and got into the blackest, muddiest sludge rock and grass filled water I’ve ever seen. I even lost my shoe in the mud, it was so thick! Before the race I thought the running would be the hardest for me, but it turned out to be the easiest- who knew?!

3. Do it for fun! I don’t know about you, but just the fact that I did a 5k was huge for me. I’m not a runner (although I’m working on it!) and I really don’t care who beats my time. I went with my husband and his best friend, and it was a blast! We didn’t run for anyone but ourselves! We were kind of laughing at the people that ran for time because it just seems ridiculous. I mean look, you’re running in the woods, swimming in the lake, sledging through mud, jumping over fire, who cares how long you take? To each their own and sorry if I made you furrow your eyebrow at me, but it wasn’t about the glory!

4. There’s always room for more dirt. It took me three loofahs full of body wash and scrub downs to get to a level of clean I was ok with. It was disgusting! The one good thing though, is even though our shoes proved equally as gross, we donated them!

After the race, everyone takes off their mud caked shoes and piles them up. They are taken, cleaned, and donated to people in need around the world, or used for recycling. Cool huh? It makes it that much easier to give away!

5. You will do something you never thought you could do. That is, if you try! The first obstacle was jumping over 5 foot walls. That was just the first one. Then I climbed over a water wall. Then I climbed over a 20 foot wall with a rope. And much much more.

The really cool thing is inspiring people! I was very surprised how many people responded with enthusiasm to want to try themselves! Even with my crazy large bruises on my legs! Someone even signed up for the next race when Taylor told him about it. Pretty cool, I must say.

So, what have you been up to lately?