It happened again. Another fail. No matter what I do, I always seem to have crazy things happen to me. Or I’m just a downright spaz. Maybe that’s it. Anyway, in the past I’ve had epic craft fails followed by trash fails, grilled cheese fails, and random repairman fails. You might find it somewhat entertaining because I seem to fail, a lot! But no matter, this one was kinda funny. And this time I have a picture to prove it!

One of my favorite things in the world is a McDonald’s mocha. There’s nothing super fancy to it, nothing pops out at you saying “This is a delicious beverage!” But I love the random treat it brings me. When Taylor is feeling extra nice in the morning he wakes me up with the kind words of telling me he’s going to get me a mocha to start my day. Bless that man, I love it when he says it because in my head it’s the Super Bowl and I’m a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader- Taylor Taylor! He’s our man! But my body is still slunk into sweet peaceful blankets, covers, and pillows, because I’m still safely in bed. 🙂 When he brought it back I was sipping away, feeling extra awesome because this beverage was perfect, like always.

And then something happened. I can’t really explain other than a tickle started in my throat and crept downward a little. As the coffee hit my tongue, I could only brace myself for what was to happen because I started to cough and choke all at the same time of swallowing. There was no stopping it, I spewed coffee into my still free cupped hand, and watched as it ran down my fingers, all over my shirt, then to my shorts, and finally on my legs. I sat there in shock as Taylor started to chuckle, and then laugh as I coughed wildly with wide eyes. I finally mustered up the courage to talk, “What just happened?” is all I could say.

Really, what happened was this: FAIL

I guess the only lesson I learned today is that I’m a good sport. And my husband’s laughter fit was only saved by the fact that he was the one that got me coffee in the first place. I’m also grateful these weren’t work clothes or something.

I’d love to hear your fails! You know more will happen in the future, so stayed tuned! 🙂