I guess I am forever going to take naps on Sundays. No matter how much I fight the feeling, I can’t overcome the sleepiness I feel! Whenever we get out of church, we always go to lunch with my bff and her husband. By the time we’re full and hurting from laughing so hard, it’s time to go home. On the drive there I plan out my day. Ok, grocery shopping, cooking for the week, clean up a bit, wow why am I so tired?

Today we went to DiBella’s. We always get a large sub and split it. From there I eat half of the half, does that explain how big they are? Haha, they are huge! But delicious! This sub is called the Old Fashioned, and let me tell you- so good! It’s got turkey, ham and Genoa salami, on Italian bread with mozzarella and provolone and their signature oil sandwich topper. Redonkulous! We also love the Godfather if you want to try that one too. We had fun doing a mini photo shoot with our friends.


They’re fun, and even look even better in person

The other day when I made chicken enchiladas for Taylor to eat when he came home, I had a lot of extra I wasn’t expecting. I kept them safely in the fridge until tonight when we devoured them. I always seem to wake up from my Sunday naps in a crazy stupor, ready to rip someone’s head off if food isn’t presented in front of me in the next 2 seconds. Yep, I totally {She-Hulked} and I practically burned my mouth off eating the best enchiladas I’ve ever made!

Just the cheese is convincing isn’t it? Enchiladas are one of those unphotogenic, but delicious foods. You can never fully show how much you loved them because it’s hard to see it! I used this recipe from Jenna at Eat, Live, Run. Normally I am respectful towards a cook’s recipe and do not change it unless I’ve tried it in the original format. Well, since everyone on the internet has been raving, I decided I’d add not subtract anything. So all I did was double the recipe, added a can of black beans, used whole wheat tortillas, and took her mom’s advice of using a big not small can of green chilies. I love spicy, these definitely were so be careful if spice is not your thing.

Sooooooooo (yep 9 o’s!) good! No, great! I think the best thing I did was let them sit for the last two days in the fridge. All the flavors melded together to make a spicy (good) hot mess! Taylor and I looked at each other like, wha wha? This is amazing! I suggest you try this recipe because it’s really easy, on top of being very adaptable. You could add tomatoes, corn, top it with sour cream like we did. This is the kind of food that makes me have a little bit of home in a meal. Try it won’t you?!

Do you tap naps on Sunday? What is your routine for the weekend? Get ready for Monday Motivations tomorrow to get you through your week! 🙂