For some reason strange things happen while we’re at movie theaters! The Hulkster recalls one time while watching Mission to Mars a guy peed directly on the floor and got up to move to another seat! During Independence Day, the screen popped up with the words: July 3rd in bold letters and someone yelled, “That day sucked!” One time during The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King it was getting towards the end of the movie. If you recall that movie has about 6 endings of fading to black and showing what happened to each character. Since we went to the midnight showing it was getting close to 4 in the morning and someone yelled, “This movie’s never gunna end!”

Our favorite memory to date is when we went to a very small theater that was really rundown. The same guy that gave you your ticket also sold you your popcorn and started the movie. While watching Napoleon Dynamite, the air kicked on and it was frigid in the theater. I mean, it was cold man! My teeth were chattering, we were scrambling for our sweatshirts, even Taylor started to shiver! I can only assume someone said something because as soon as we thought we were going to freeze our behinds off, the heat kicked on. The air felt so good, we sighed and continued watching the movie. That is until the heat started blasting so much we started sweating! We took off our sweatshirts, starting rolling up our pants and kicking off our shoes. It was so hot I tried to fan myself with anything I could find. And then all of a sudden it stopped. And we sat in our sweat, scratching our heads trying to figure out what just happened.

Well, you will never guess what happened today while seeing the Dark Knight Rises! (No, not a shooting thank God! This is not a spoiler alert either!) We were sitting in the movie and it was at the end. There were critical things happening. During these times my palms get sweaty, I start edging towards the edge of my seat, and every switch of the screen I am entranced. That’s when the movie went black and the lights came on! Everyone in their seats were looking at each other, like what happened? I started to get nervous and my eyes searched for the exits in case something terrible was happening. They didn’t fly open, nothing happened, just silence. Several people left to go tell someone, and about 10 minutes later the movie started.

What we didn’t realize was after starting it up, they skipped about 5 minutes of crucial time! I won’t say what happened but it totally ruined the moment. We found out something important that we shouldn’t have known yet! Then on top of everything, the movie stopped again! A worker came in and told us the power went out, they started up the movie and went back to the part the movie ended before. By this point everyone was so ticked off! We were groaning and some people booed, but we all wanted to finish the movie so we shut our traps and got back in the mood. I won’t tell you anything else because I want you to see the movie, but it was so crazy! I am super annoyed about what happened, and although we saw a big chunk of it twice, at least we finished it.

Oh my gosh so good! This trilogy is a must see! My favorite is still the second, but this movie was worth the watch. To warn you, it is very dark. At some points I felt hopeless, but I know they did that one purpose. And if all else fails and you’re telling me, no Amanda! I hate guy movies, they are so filled with violence! Let me try to persuade you in another way. Two words:

Christian Bale

Go see it will you!? And tell me your (hopefully not crazy) experience!