I would like to say first and foremost that a terrible thing had happened in Aurora, CO and I have been praying for the victims and families. And although the man responsible has done a horrendous thing, our focus should be on our family and friends that we know and matter the most to us by telling them we love them, rather than spreading hate to the ones we don’t.

Back to our program…

Is it really almost Saturday? This week has gone by so quickly! No BBQs to plan for work, no moving friends to get done, and we don’t plan on giving our living a room a makeover any time soon!

It was a beaut-i-ful day here! The breeze was happily welcomed into our place, I opened every window we have! I made Taylor chicken enchiladas, they were all ready for him to pop in the oven when he got home. I put on a playlist that contained Ray LaMontagne, Adele, and Fleet Foxes, and I worked the day away. I was feeling all domestic as I cleaned the bathroom cabinets and organized my shoes. All I needed was a skirt and a martini and I could live my dream of being a 1960’s housewife. Just kidding, only for Halloween kids! Since I got most of my to do list done, on a whim I decided heck, I’m giving myself a facial!

You should know something first. I am not one to do things for myself. I’m working on getting better at it, but painting my toes, buying myself new clothes just because, and especially facials, are not usually what I do. I feel very guilty, like I don’t deserve it. In the end, I have to get over that fact and just know that sometimes you have to slap some goop on your face and feel pretty once in a while. Am I right?! So that’s what I did.

I’ve been using the same product since middle school

My skin has changed over the years (more sensitive) so I apply it to my more oily areas

Read: upper lip, cheeks, and chin

Fun Fact: The product is shiny, and picture is small on purpose

We aren’t that good of friends yet anyway 🙂

I love when products tell you to leave something on to dry for 5-10 minutes. This stuff always takes at least 20, and I seem to be standing in front of a blaring fan in order to speed up the process. There’s not much one can do while waiting for a mask to finish. They can’t talk on the phone, brush their teeth, and they can’t eat. All of those things seemed to be what I wanted to do, of course. Especially eating. By the time I finally talked myself into waiting just one minute longer, I started to peel. And then I took it allll off!

I mean, the picture says it all right? My skin is clearly brighter, moister, and so much happier. I encourage you to give yourself a mask (guys don’t feel like I’m not talkin to you too!) and see how you feel after you’re done. And don’t worry, I was able to eat very soon after! I know you were all waiting on bated breath. Do you have a favorite mask you like to use? I’ve always wanted to try olive oil on my hair. Maybe for another post!