Goooood Morning! Have I got a to do list today! But first- breakfast!

We actually got up early today and I decided bagels were what my tummy was grumbling for!

No offense Panera, but Brueggers has you beat!

Their bagels are crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside

And I do a little happy dance at first sip of their hot chocolate- love it!

I like to get a cinnamon raisin bagel, toasted with cream cheese

People always freak out when I say I eat light cream cheese

Am I crazy, or does it takes exactly the same as regular?

I like to play with my food…no I’m not 12.

Well maybe I am

Don’t I look like a fish? 🙂

A rare occasion indeed, but it was soo good!

On to that to do list!

1. Clean Kitchen- wash dishes, wipe down counter, clean out fridge, organize pots and pans, change Brita filter

2. Clean Living Room- declutter, dust, defur, vacuum

3. Clean bathroom- scrub like a mofo!

4. Clean guest room- put on fresh sheets, declutter, dust, vacuum

5. Clean master bedroom, declutter, dust, vacuum, organize my crazy pile of magazines! I get them for free which is nice, the pile is not!

6. Take lots of breaks to pet the best kitties in the world!

7. Make dinner ahead of time, the Hulkster is on his own tonight as I am going to dinner with a (new!) friend

8. Exercise, this needs to fit in there somewhere!

9. Shower…this is always towards the end on my list, but the most important for obvious reasons! 🙂

10. Wait for the 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies next week!!! My excitement cannot be contained!!!

What are your plans for today? Regardless, have an awesome day!