Ooooooh I am SO excited for the Summer Olympics!!! You have no idea, well maybe you do. But I’m going bananas! I’ve planted myself in front of the TV every four years, not missing one minute of the epicness. I remember practically biting my nails off in 1996 when Kerri Strug vaulted even with her injured ankle, and hooted and hollered at the TV when Carly Patterson took to the mat for her floor routine in the 2004 games for gymnastics, and practically sobbed with happiness when Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh owned Beijing in 2008! I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! This year will be no different! Here are the events I look forward to the most! Ahhh! I can’t wait!!! 🙂

1. Sand Volleyball

OH. MY. Gosh! You saw this coming didn’t you? These women are incredible athletes. Especially since I suck so much harder than I thought I would at sand volleyball vs. indoor! They are fierce in their game, but always good sports. They hardly ever lose, but are humble no matter what the outcome of the game is. I really have admired them for years and years, and the fact that they are such good friends makes it all even better. Whenever the game ends and a reporter asks Kerri about the game, every time she talks about how awesome Misty is and how she’s a rock. You go girls!

2. Gymnastics

They come at a close second, but I have much love for women’s gymnastics. I was pretty sad about Nastia and Shawn being retired and all, but who can continue that sort of training for that long? It takes a toll on the body. I am really excited about the new pack, and I think they’re going to have household names veeeery sooon! BTW, did you see Gabby’s mom at the trials? It was so cute and funny how scared she was, but she did great! I love the men too!!

3. Diving

You may be scratching your heads, but I looove watching diving! Just the guts to jump (sometimes backwards!) into water so far below and have to stay perfectly straight because judges are watching every millisecond of your splash, incredible! I can hardly jump in a pool, let alone dive. They have my vote any day!

4. Track and Field

Check out those awesome shoes! Seriously, these are the athletes I am most jealous of. They are so incredibly fit and it amazes me how fast the body can go! I strive to be even a small amount of how athletic they are!

5. Trampoline

This one is just for fun- because who doesn’t love to jump on a trampoline? It’s amazing! I dare you not to smile and think about childhood memories, just go ahead and try!

What’s your favorite Olympic Sport? Is it during the Summer of Winter Games? Opening Ceremonies NEXT WEEK!!