There was a time, a long time ago at this point, that I was in 8th grade. It was the year I got in trouble (who me?) everyday for chewing gum and would have to subsequently stick my wet pink piece of rubber on that teacher’s ball of used gum she kept on her desk. (Horrifying I tell you!) It was the year I ditched a Spanish test to hang out with a boy. (A rebel I tell you!) It was the year I started playing volleyball for my school, and was disappointed knowing I had waited all year just to play with kids who never played before and were terrible. (Oy I tell you!) It was also the year that I had one of my most embarrassing moments of my life.

I was in class, the one with the gumball in case you were wondering, and I went up to ask the teacher a question. The class behind me was busy working away, we were free to work with another person or talk to each other. Upon coming back, I accidentally trip on one of the desks walking back. It was a moment that seemed to go in slow motion as I slowly fell the ground with my hands in front of me. I then felt the sharp pain of embarrassment as a boy in the class yelled, “Tiiimmmber!” As I tried to push myself up I felt every eye in the classroom on me, and they all laughed at me! Most people have these things happen, and they forget about them, but not me. The worst part is whenever I tell the story, because people still laugh at me to this day. Did you? I don’t blame you, I mean I am very tall.

I always have been. I used to think of it as a curse. You try not being able to wear Limited Too fashions when all your friends are, and you try being accused of being way older than you are, and you try going to middle school dances where all the boys feel like 10 year olds.

The only solace I found was in sports. I played softball, basketball, and volleyball on teams. I ran all through recess and swam in the pool whenever I got the chance. I had lots of friends, but clearly they were all shorter than me! 😉

You see what I mean? I was so tall my whole life! I always wanted to know what it felt like to stand in the front of pictures or shop in the small shoes size section of the store. I always wanted to try gymnastics, but that was never an option.

And then I met Taylor. The Heavens opened, my heart was aflutter, and all that mushy stuff. As we got to know one another I asked him if he ever noticed me before I met him. Since we went to the same schools for 4 years prior, I thought he might have known me from sports or Christian Club. We weren’t in any classes together since he was in all the “smart people” classes. It was simple question, I didn’t think anything of it. “Did you notice me before I met you?”

You know what he said? “Yeah I did, I liked that you were tall.”…….OH MY GOSH!!! 🙂 It made everything worthwhile.

And we went to every dance after that?

Do you have something that has plagued you your whole life until something changed? Are you tall, or horizontally challenged?