I was talking to a coworker one day when she told me about pulled pork she makes with root beer. I’m no stranger to cooking with soda for other recipes so I thought I’d try it. When her husband came to pick her up from work, the smile on his face was clear after she told him what was for dinner. She pointed me to this recipe from Allrecipes.com. I tried it, loved it, and thought I’d share just how delicious this recipe is!


The recipe calls for a 2lb pork tenderloin, and 12 oz of root beer in a crock pot. I used a 3lb pork loin with 18 oz of root beer. The suggestions in the reviews said to use other cuts of meat because it’s cheaper, but I’m not brave with pork.

After the meat has slow cooked all day, the liquid drained, and the meat is shredded. I took a small amount and added some BBQ sauce and started assembling. The way we like BBQ sandwiches is how we eat them in Nashville. That means they get topped with coleslaw and pickles.

Step One: Meat

Step Two: Coleslaw

I used this recipe, but used far less sugar and vinegar. Make it how you want though because everyone is different and some like their coleslaw tart, sweet, or fill in the blank. If it helps, I hate all coleslaw all together, except that recipe.

What makes these such great recipes are the simple fact that they are so easy! Use whatever kind of root beer or BBQ sauce you like! Pop that whole wheat bun on top, pair it with hot corn on the cob, and you’re set!  Make this won’t you?

I’m turning in for the night. We just started season 4 of Lost episodes on Netflix. There is still a small spot in my heart that hasn’t filled in because I can’t find another show I love more than Lost. Sad, but at least I can watch the old ones! Have a great night!