Hey Everyone! Having a difficult Monday? You’ve stopped by the right place! Every week I will try to inspire some happiness, chuckles, and motivations to get you through your week! Please enjoy!


This cover is so beautiful! His voice makes me want to sit on a porch somewhere watching the breeze blow through the tall grass. Or make a soundtrack to my life. I think it would totally work!

2. New Meaning of Being a Sled Dog? <— My favorite of the week!

And the follow up:

3. Corporate Dogs– I really did LOL!























4. I look forward to Winter just because of this photo, can you imagine? Lago De Los Tres πŸ™‚












5. Last but not least, babies with sour faces!





















































I hope everyone has a great week! I hope I made you laugh…even just a little πŸ™‚