About three and a half years ago I was over at my friend Heidi’s house. Her SIL was over as well and we were gabbing away, I was crocheting, she was knitting, and SIL was admiring some recent creations of ours. We talked of being married, having kids one day, and Heidi mentioned this pudding recipe she loved. I had had pudding in my younger years as a kid, always cold, set with a thick skin on the top from sitting in the fridge. I didn’t think anything of it until she told me her whenever her FIL was over, he’d plop down on the couch and promptly demand pudding.

I was a bit puzzled, how good could this pudding be? She decided to make me some and see if I liked it. Her daughter and husband had overheard and whooped at the suggestion of pudding, it finally came to me in a bowl steaming with whipped cream on top. It certainly smelled good. I dipped my spoon in, took at small circle of the creamy mixture and quickly let it sit on my tongue. Not too long, because it was warm but I knew as soon as it slipped down my throat I was in for dessert that was nothing short of amazing. It was like velvet, I had never tasted anything like what I was experiencing. Over the years I made it slightly healthier but I promise I am not being dramatic, over exaggerating, or lying. This is the best chocolate pudding- ever.

It all starts with basic ingredients!

What you see here is all you need!

1. Sugar

2. Cornstarch

3. Egg yolks (I thought ahead this morning when I was making eggs, go me!)

4. Cocoa powder (generic brand is just fine)

5. Milk (I used fat free)

6. Vanilla extract

Ready? Ok!

Fill a saucepan with the sugar and cornstarch, mix together but do not turn on the burner yet

Add in egg yolks and cocoa powder, mix but do not turn on the burner yet

Now add the milk and whisk everything together, now you can turn on the burner to medium heat

At this point, you need to whisk the mixture for exactly 10 minutes

I always set a timer and like clockwork, as soon as I hear dinging- I’ve got pudding

It looks like this…oh the smell is amazing!

Make sure when you’re whisking to get the sides, you won’t want scrambled egg chunks, not good eats

I top it with whipped cream

And I devour

But this was for the Hulkster, mine was more petite

No joke, the best chocolate pudding- ever.

Thank you Heidi, I will forever be indebted to you!


*Original ingredients taken out will be in bold, but it tastes the same no matter how you make it!

1/2 cup of sugar

1/4 cup of cornstarch

3 egg yolks (I thought ahead this morning when I was making eggs, go me!)

6 tablespoons of cocoa powder, generic brand is just fine or 3 oz of whatever chocolate squares you like

3 tablespoons of oil

2 1/2 cups milk, I use fat free

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon butter

Place cornstarch and sugar in a cool dry saucepan, mix together. Add in egg yolks, cocoa powder, oil, and milk. Whisk together and turn on heat to medium. Set timer for 10 minutes and whisk continuously. When pudding has thickened, take off heat and add in butter and vanilla extract. Whisk, pour in serving bowl and top with whipped cream. Enjoy this Heavenly concoction! 🙂