Hey Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend so far, I know sniff! They are all coming to an end. đŸ˜¦ But that means we’re one day closer to Monday Motivations, and that will get us through the week! Did you see the MM last week?

Today we had our church’s BBQ/Potluck. As a volunteer, there are many things people need to do in order for something like that to go well. As the event coordinator, I had so many things to do I was spinning! People asking me where to put the food, the tables, making sure the grill was up and going with burgers and dogs, oh no the extra hot dogs are expired (!), no we don’t have anymore room in the fridge, I hope the children don’t get hurt running around, crap I didn’t mix the punch enough, wait, why are there so many people here that didn’t sign up, oh well- the more the merrier. Needless to say, I was tired and hurting badly after it was over. I felt like I got hit by a train, stood up and then got hit by a truck. In the end, it was all worth it because building community is so important to me, and everyone had a great time, the food was everything I hoped it would be, and it was a success!

As soon as we got in the car after cleaning up and putting everything away, all I could muster up the strength to say was, “Cold Drink! No McFlurry! No Blizzard! B…b…Blizzard!” Taylor looked at me puzzled, “Are you sure you don’t want a McFlurry? There’s a McDon”

“NO! Health. Blizzard. Now.” I thought about it again since I was in {She-Hulk} mode. “I’m sorry honey, I don’t mean to sound mean but that’s all I want in the world right now, is that ok?”

“Of course dear.” God, I love that man!

It was hotter than blue blazes outside but we got our Blizzards and promptly scarfed them down like they were going out of style. I love when they don’t put too much candy pieces in it because it’s just enough to give that melt in your mouth experience. Cool, creamy, and wonderful. When we got home, Taylor sat down and fell asleep instantly. I tried my hardest, but then succumbed to the ever popular Sunday nap. We both woke up *cough* three hours later *cough* feeling refreshed and lazy. It was amazing. And there was much rejoicing! đŸ™‚