Aaahhh…sigh. The sounds of happiness from a relaxing weekend. We have nothing planned, at all. I am so thankful for that! The only thing I need in my hand is a lemonade and I’m good to go! Don’t you wish you could pause time, just to enjoy the weekend a little longer? Oh that would be aweeesome.

I have something I wanted to address, and I need to do it now. While I am a healthy life enthusiast, there are certain things I do not partake of. Even if they have been coined as “healthy.” Whether it be because I have unpopular side effects (according to me), the health benefits are dismal and I’d rather have something much better for me, or because I just can’t handle the way certain food makes me feel inside! I really try my best to be open to new possibilities, after all I am a recovering picky eater child, but there are just some things I cannot, and will not do. Sometimes it can be purely emotional, but I promise these decision are years in the making. I appreciate your patience in knowing that you cannot and will not convince me in my pursuit of health to like these particular things, I am as stubborn as a mule. Don’t even think about asking me to try it, just one more time. I won’t.

1. Artificial Sweeteners

Nope, I cannot and will not do it. Even if I wanted to, the second I finish off that diet cola my heart would be filled with shooting pains and skipped beats. You guessed it, any artificial sweetener gives me horrible heart palpitations. That, on top of being terrible for me! I could go down the list of why you shouldn’t “eat” these, but let me give it to you straight. My husband the Hulkster is a chemist. He won’t touch the stuff with a 10 foot pole because he knows the structure and it scares the begeebers out of him. I didn’t even probe when I asked him because he practically shivered when I asked him. And trust me, he doesn’t scare easily.

2. Greek Yogurt

I know what you’re saying to me. “Amanda, Greek yogurt has ____ amount of protein and it’s _____ times better for you than regular yogurt and why won’t you just try my favorite brand of ______ and you’ll loooove it.” PAH! Hogwash! I’ve tried plain, flavored, brand X, and Y, then again just to make sure. I just can’t spoon that acidic blob of goop in my mouth, OK?! My stomach hurts, I’m hungry in like .46 hours, and I won’t do it. And you can’t make me!

3. Olives

Allow me to explain. When I was a little girl, I went over to my aunt and uncle’s house for Thanksgiving. It was my favorite time because I got to see my favorite cousin who happened to be two years older than me, and everything I ever looked up to. We were playing the whole day, waiting for the delicious food to soon fill our bellies. I happened to walk by the appetizer table, when my cousin took my shoulders and spun me around. She said, “Close your eyes!” I did. “Now open your mouth!” I did. What proceeded to then happen was only what I remember in my worst nightmares. I bit down on the rubbery salty nastiness and could not spit it out fast enough. “What was that?” I cried. My cousin, laughing hysterically said, “An olive!” I vowed from that day forward I would never eat another olive again. Even if it’s fun putting them on my fingertips.

4. Tofu

I wish I could eat tofu, but I can’t. It seems like a miracle food! You mix it with whatever you’re making and presto- it takes like chicken. Or eggs. Or whatever. The problem I have with soy, is just that- too much soy. Soy is in everything ! Bread, salad dressings, cereal, too many things. I can try to avoid it as best I can but it somehow makes its way into my life. I won’t get into the science of it, but I don’t want any birth defects of my future children happening because of an overdose of soy. Especially if it takes like tofu. No Fu, sorry.

5. Grapefruit

Oh sure yeah. Little innocent grapefruit. It’s pretty and pink all wrapped up in a perfectly peel-able package. I’ll just try it one more time just to see…”Ew! Blech! Oh! What is happening to meeee?!?!”

Ok, now that I’ve explained myself a little more you can understand why I won’t eat these food. Even if they are “healthy.” Even if they are your favorite thing in the entire world. Nope. I won’t do it. Alright, I feel better now. The thing with healthy is, you can fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables and your pantry with grains, nuts, and seeds, but if you hate them- you won’t eat them! Find the foods that you like that are healthy, and stick with them. They will be your bread and butter, well, your black beans and avocados! Hehe 🙂

I’m off to enjoy my Friday night, er Saturday morning! Hope you do too! Any foods deemed “healthy” you can’t stomach?