This is the last of the fun adventures we took visiting Orange County California, home to us! Want to know the whole story? Part 1, Surprising My Nieces Take 1, SMN Take 2, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Going back home was such a fun experience this time. Normally we visit during Christmas time, and the only time we came back during Summer before was for Taylor’s grandfather’s funeral. 😦 We wanted to make the most out of it, and I think we did because I still don’t think I’ve fully recovered, a month later. I’m really into behind the scenes stories. I like to know what people are really like when the spotlight turns off and things get real. I’ll share some fun, and slightly embarrassing stories because that’s how I roll as a {She-Hulk}! 🙂 This post will wrap up our crazy fun adventures, and hopefully can show you just how much of a blast we really had!

The cake

My mom is a very unemotional person. She hates any kind of “nonsense” as she calls it when there’s a chick flick on, or when “What about Bob?” is on and Bill Murry’s character is saying, “Baby steps to the elevator…,” or when my brother and I are laughing about a scene from Dumb and Dumber. I’ve seen her cry three times in my life. Once when my dad’s mother passed away, the next time when I moved to Sacramento for 6 months (she didn’t believe that I would actually leave), and the last time was when Taylor and I got engaged. All of them were not happy tears. So it blew me away when she got Taylor and me a cake just for coming home to visit. She still to this day doesn’t remember I like chocolate frosting, but it was a Costco cake so all was well with the world!

She also hates her picture being taken…oh Mom!

This picture just makes me smile

The Hulkster is always a gem whenever we go home. With my issues with flying, issues with family, issues with missing Michigan like crazy at the same time begging him to move back to California. Through it all, he’s a rock. I always come to my senses once he’s talks me off the emotional ledge. I just love his tuxedo shirt he wore on our anniversary…cheesy but awesome all at the same time!

The Graduation

I am so proud of my SIL for graduating college, it really means a lot to her to finish and she deserves all the high fives I can give her. I felt so bad at the graduation because a guy from the school (student? professor? I don’t know) got up on stage to sing the National Anthem. I could tell from the start it was going to be rough, I didn’t realize how much just yet. It was off pitch, off key, really rough. And then he got to the end. “O’er the laaand of the frrrr……*cough cough cough cough* freeeeeeeee! And the ho (terrible run) me of the bra (terrible run) ve!” It was something out of an awkward comedy. I felt so bad for the guy, and yet I still laughed. I swear I’m nice, but that was hilarious!

The Beach

If I could have taken you all with me, I would have. Oh my gosh, I would have given anything just to lay there in the sun for 10 more minutes. It was what I think Heaven is like (God is probably laughing at me, but that means Heaven is even better than I can imagine so props to you God!) and all I wanted to do was lay there in my utter relaxation. I mean, would you want to leave?! This picture also makes me look like I have cankles, I don’t I promise.

The Food

Oh goodness the food! It may have seemed like we ate a ton while we were there, but breakfast and lunch was usually light. We’d have a piece of toast with fruit and almonds, or eggs or oatmeal. Lunch was leftover sandwiches or a quesadilla with fruit on the side if we didn’t go out. We tried not to have dessert too much, but Thrifty’s called to me on more than one occasion. And let’s be honest, we don’t have Islands, Ruby’s, Wahoo’s, Del Taco, or In N Out even close to where we live. But I wouldn’t object them planting any of those franchises here! Jus sayin…CALL ME!

Face Juggler

One of my nieces got an iPhone recently and Face Juggler was all the rage. Sorry for the disturbing image, but this is what that crazy app does! They told us we have to make a strange face so it looks even crazier, I think we nailed it right? Have you done this crazy/scary app before?

The Hulkster and I get along pretty swimmingly for a married couple. The longer we know each other, the better we get at it. We’re no experts or anything, but having mutual respect for one another rather than that lurrrve nonsense makes us see each other in a different honorable way. I see him as the quiet, logical, gentle giant he is. And he sees me as the crazy, caring, Mrs. Mother Hen that I am. It works for us, but make your own way because everyone’s path is different!

Alright, I hate to say it but that’s the end. Oh sure there’s so much more but I can’t go on anymore. We went home, had a blast, and now Michigan needs us to save the day once again! Besides,  I have running to do, healthy foods to eat, and an occasional {She-Hulk-Out} to be had! Hope you enjoyed the series, I’d love to hear about your adventures from wherever you’re from too!