Hey Everyone! We just got back from dinner, completing a very l o n g day! We both woke up this morning deeply entranced in dreams. Mine was about Shawn Johnson getting engaged (random…) and Taylor’s was about our niece Ashlyn pretending to be locked in a freezer only to scare him from sitting on top while he tried to get her out. Now that is much more realistic! (Shawn, call me!) I have such a hard time waking up, and being in a dream literally makes me unable to speak. It might as well be Zombese (the Zombie language of course!) I’m speaking! I can’t think, I can’t hardly move, and I certainly can’t speak clearly. It’s just enough to put my arms stretched out in front of me to guide me to the kitchen. We scarfed down leftover banana bread, dropped the Hulkster off at work, and I headed to the gym to have a rematch with the ‘mill.

What? Is there something on my face?

After Tuesday’s failed attempt to run even remotely close to where I was a month ago, I was determined to do better. I tried to watch Ellen, but it was a rerun, I eventually found a Food Network Cake Challenge. Normally I want to hurl at the thought of food at the gym, let alone running thinking about food, but the cakes were supposed to be shaped as bugs. How less appetizing could it get? As I ran I tried to focus on how much I was happy they finally hired a better MC, no don’t cut the fondant that way(!), and that is the ugliest cake I’ve ever seen, rather than the task at hand. I was rewarded with getting back to a 5 minute interval. I was so glad I could get back on that horse! Er..treadmill.

When I got home, all I wanted to do was go back to sleep! But there was work to be done and lots of planning for upcoming events. I’m pretty much a jack of all trades at my work, so event planning is right up my alley for work requirements. We’ve got a BBQ going on soon and I’m really excited! Anything social is like, I don’t know, my favorite thing ever. Especially girls’ night out! If I wasn’t an adult and married, I would so have sleepovers with my friends. Hmm, I guess they are married too.  Well I’d figure out something! I stopped at home to not smell like a {She-Hulk} get cleaned up. Guess who is a the little exercise encourager?

Haha! Both our cats love the Wii Board, it’s so funny and cute!

Off to Sam’s Club for stuff galore, but I had to make a pit stop at their Food Counter for pizza!

The trick for me eating just one piece, is eating an apple before I go.

This was also in my calorie allowance so I ate with gusto, and remember I’m tall so I have to eat more. It’s a pity huh?

I picked off all the olives in case anyone was wondering…:)

I didn’t realize how much we actually needed from Sam’s until I got there. Food, office supplies, can you believe how expensive Brita filters are? I was pleasantly surprised how helpful one of their employees was to me. I told her we needed hot chocolate packets, but they can’t have artificial sweeteners in them. She walked up and down the aisles with me, pointing out different brands and checking the labels with me to make sure. Turns out the only brand that didn’t have AS is Quik, however it was only sold in a tub. No bueno. How refreshing to have someone go that far as to walk around with me, and not relent until I was happy with our search. I hope she gets a raise or something.

Anyway, got back to work, worked hard until I babysit adorable kids, then we met my bff and her hubs for dinner. How much easier is it to eat better while dining out when I’ve worked out? So much easier! It’s like a triple decker of help. Workout= happy feelings of life in general, which leads to: wanting to be healthier, which = living healthfully. Just making that small step of going to the gym this morning, helped me this entire day. I challenge you to try it and see how it effects your day!

Ok be honest: What is your favorite Sam’s Club/Costco food? Mine hands down- Costco pizza is legit, and the churros!!!