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After the best anniversary yet, the Hulkster and I woke up to a very cloudy morning. I could hardly wait for the sweet and savory smells of pancakes and bacon awaiting us downstairs. We had free tickets to the buffet and  I was eager to eat there after the wonderful display they had 4 years ago! Oh to pile my plate with some scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, maybe a cinnamon roll?! Well, it was all for not because we woke up at 11. Breakfast hours were over at 9. Drat.

I put my sadness of a missed breakfast aside when I realized: Today was our last full day in California.

To be clear: In less than 24 hours we were required to hightail it out of there

And then my sadness turned to my emo dramatic depression.

I shed a few tears and picked myself up my bootstraps, or sandal straps really so we could meet my in-laws for lunch at Claim Jumper. The only thing I remembered about that place from years before was that they had amazing fried zucchini, and the portions are downright huge. I’m talking Paul Bunyan’s got nothin on their entrees.We forged ahead with courage, gusto, and growling stomachs! Before I could drink my first glass of ice water, we received said zucchini and potato skins.

Seriously, when this type of food is put in front of me I {She-Hulk-Out} like nobody’s business. Those zuchs and skins didn’t even see me coming! Thankfully there were 4 of us to share, but I could have eaten them both no sweat. It’s times like these when I have to address what kind of eating I’m doing. Given the fact that I was mighty full just from the appetizers, I knew it was stress eating. I wanted to be good and tell myself dinner would be better and I would totally eat a salad. But sometimes I just don’t have logic as a {She-Hulk}, because sometimes I’m just friggin hungry and I need to eat fried food or I will stab you in the foot OK? Are you a stress eater too?

Hours later I made it all better by ordering a cheeseburger, not a double double for dinner. Trust me, on that day eating anything less than I was, I made progress! I felt like it was The Last Supper. The end of fun eating. And then I felt like crap after it was over and came to my senses. There’s a reason I don’t eat like this on a normal basis! For one, I will most certainly gain weight, I mean how much exercise can one do to combat that kind of diet? Secondly, I find no nutritional benefit in the long run of any of it. Sure, I could pick out the miniscule elements of some vitamins, fiber, and incomplete protein. But I won’t lie to myself. Not healthy eats. And third, this was all the way comfort food. No more excuses Amanda (smacking forehead!)!

Ok, that is all I have to say about that!….On Friday evening we met up with my parents to head over to Angel’s stadium to go see the Anaheim Angels play the D-backs. I don’t care who you are, they are not the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. That’s just stupid and greedy of them. Orange County is not in LA! Ahem, anyway…my sister, BIL, and nieces came to join the fun!

This field has a lot of memories in it

Particularly the ones of Taylor and I at Harvest Crusade…ahh memories!

The weather was surprisingly nice!

I also have memories of freezing my tush off at Supercross!

It took three attempts before my mom approved this picture. Oh mom…

The whole gang- My mom, sis, BIL, niece, Taylor, me, niece, niece, niece, minus my dad taking the picture

My niece Halle- she’s quite a slugger in softball

The Kindred Spirits

Ashlyn taught us a game called “Picachu”

It reminded me of “Down by the Banks,” anyone remember that?!

My basketball and boy crazy niece Alexis, she’s wiser than her years and quite frequently reminds me…of me!

And she’s wearing my sweatshirt, lol 🙂

As the game went on, we got bored

After all, the Angels were losing. They eventually succumbed but no one really cared because it was time for fireworks!!! They have fireworks every Friday home game. Cool huh?

Ooo, the field darkens

And just like when I was a kid, I watched in wonderment

The hardest part was saying goodbye to my nieces. I cried, again. I wanted to run back and hug them one more time, but life must move on. Our life is in Michigan, and we have purpose here. It doesn’t make it any easier though. Just the fact that I got to spend some time with them though, is absolutely priceless!