Ok you guys, I have to say on the emotional scale I was hitting high numbers of “oh crap she’s gunna punch someone in the face” mode. It started with volleyball yesterday. I must say first that I am a very competitive person. I know playing on a league is supposed to be “fun” and everyone is supposed to have a good time. I’m working on it slowly, but I just get so into the games. I turn into a raging crazy lady and afterward I can’t believe I didn’t kick the ball across the field just to be mean. It was really frustrating to lose, even if the team was undefeated. I just hate losing you know? I was all excited too because my back wasn’t hurting and I wasn’t sick. Argh, it ended up with me holding back tears behind shades as I walked, sulking to the car after it was over. Then, this morning I went to the gym. I was oober excited to run again. I wasn’t super sore from the night before, I hadn’t gone in like a month (eesh!), and I really wanted to know if I was still on the right track because we’ve got that Warrior Dash in about 2 1/2 weeks! AAHH!

It turns out I could barely run one of my intervals I’ve been doing in the past. Then I was plagued by stabbing pain cramps in my side. I tried to just push through the pain, “get going and they’ll go away!” I thought. “Yeah. Right. {She-Hulk}. And while you’re on that treadmill, turn around so I can kick you square in the butt.” At least that’s what the treadmill told me. True story…in my head! Argh! It was so frustrating! I was thinking I wouldn’t be “that bad,” it’s not like I’ve gained weight or anything. Sigh. So I got a text from the Hulkster while doing weights. Which by the way, about killed me as well. I’m so weak again! It was a general text like he usually sends. The, “How’s it going honey? I love you! Getting some reactions done like a boss,” type thing. I told him how annoyed I was about my hopes and dreams being washed away with sweat and almost tears.

Me: I’m so out of shape!

Him: Gotta get back on it! It comes back surprisingly well!

Me: I hope so, I was very discouraged (still trying to not cry in front of that man on the rowing machine)

Him: Honey it’s your first day back, last week I couldn’t finish a 5 minute interval  (yesterday he ran a 10 minute interval)

Me: Oh ok, well I feel a little better then

Him Just keep your head up and keep going!

Me: I will thanks honey

And that’s all it took. A little encouragement. A little, “you can do this dang it!” So I got on that stair master, put on some Jay-Z, and didn’t even hold on! I bet I would have given someone a high five if they were next to me, thankfully no one was, lol. But doesn’t this happen to everyone? Don’t we all get down because we “used to be better,” we used to be thinner, younger, or in my case faster?! But focusing on the negative is only going to make you more negative. Give yourself a break. And now that I’m thinking clearly, it was just my first day back! Watch out Day 2, I’m comin fo ya! 🙂

Ever have one of these days? What was your help in making it better?