I had a wonderful day at work today! We had a productive staff meeting which lead me to feeling like I could accomplish a lot in the day. We’ve got construction going on with our new offices being perfected. I had my Chipotle leftovers, which were delicious  (still slightly salty!) and filling. I tried to look decent since I’ve felt like a slob lately. I sat on my exercise ball with zero pain- all day! I sent emails, produced a lot of movement with the next project, I was on fire! I even stayed later because we got to talking about an interesting new possible add-on to our company. I was feeling good, accomplished, and ready to go home after a refreshing day.

The thoughts I had on the way home, “Yes, I have volleyball tonight! It’s not blazing hot outside! My back doesn’t hurt, even if it does I have an adjustment tomorrow. Where is that siren coming from? Oh well, not close to me. I think I’ll have a snack when I get home. A granola bar perhaps? Eh, how bout some almonds? I really hope my brother can get those tickets to the concert, how fun would that be. I really should do some laundry tomorrow, not an emergency but it could get some attention. Oh, how nice to think about running again. I’ve missed it so! Don’t forget to pick up the mail. You remember what happened last time. Oh how lovely, a thank you card!”

I walked to the door, where the sign said, “Roman was here to repair for you.” Oh No. Yep, those repairs I ordered 2 weeks ago. They came today, the same day I totally forgot. Let’s just run down the list shall we?

1. My kitchen smelled like peppers and onions, and the items I cleaned out from the fridge the night before. Taylor forgot to take the trash out.

2. Neither was the kitchen clean, I had left the washed pots and pans to dry out on the kitchen table.

3. Both hall closets were open with piles spilling out of them from me throwing things in there before I organized. Yes, bad habit I know.

4. I forgot to pick up my clothes out of the bathroom after my shower this morning, eek!

5. Of course, we had a window that needed to be fixed in our bedroom. Where I hadn’t picked up in a few days. Double Eek.


I’m not one to present myself like I’m perfect, however I am absolutely horrified of the things my repairman saw while here. I simply forgot, he must have obviously known but AAHH! I’m so embarrassed! I promise to never look at Roman in the face again!

Please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to! Right?!