Oh exercise! I have missed you!!! My back has been doing so much better so I decided it was high time for me to get back to real sweat induced, heart pumping exercise again. I haven’t really run since our last vacation, it just hurt way too much. But now that I sleep with a pillow between my knees, and had numerous adjustments, I feel good!

I decided to fire up the Xbox and play Zumba Rush! Ever since we gave our living room a makeover, there is so much room for activity! (Name that movie!) Zumba is no exception to the rule!

What I love about these kinds of videogames- you can’t even tell you’re exercising. You pick an upbeat song, dance, and after the song is over you’re breathing hard and thinking, “Wow what a workout! Next song please!” Maybe this is because I’m from California and I have a soft spot for Spanish, but I love the songs because most of them are in the beautiful language! And my beloved Mr. Worldwide Pitbull sings a song or two. That guy can get me up and dance, run, heck- Zumba any day! Oh honey, believe me I am a total white girl. But this white girl can dance believe it or not!

T told me to look like I was doing the game…

…Uhh cheese?

I say this is better


Have you tried Zumba Rush? Do you love it like I do?