Hey Guys! Thank goodness it cooled off a bit today! I’m all for a good natural sweat sesh from the heat, but not like this. Sweating while doing anything other than sitting and breathing is icky, don’t you think?

Remember Dave and Jess from Our Trip to Nashville? We met at Blue Tractor, which is a BBQ place here in town. It was actually the very first restaurant we went to when we moved here, and we were kinda disappointed. I was hoping for a lot of food, I got a little. I was hoping for Tennessee style, I got what I could only call dry BBQ, and I was hoping for comfort since I missed home, I only felt out of place. But this story has a bright side because our friends had been raving about it lately. Aaaand…there was mention of a Cookie Bar…hmm…

I swear the two of them look like kids to me, anyone?!

It was mighty dark in there! Why?!

I got a black bean burger- my first! Excellent!

I alllways get sweet potato fries if the option is offered!

T got the pulled pork sandwich- which redeemed itself from last time!

It was juicy with lots of meat!

Our friends shared pulled pork nachos- they said they liked the pork, but not the cheese

😦 Isn’t that the point of nachos?

All was forgive and forgotten after this baby (er kid?) came out

The Cookie Bar

Two cookies sandwiching toffee bit covered ice cream topped with whipped cream

The four of us could barely finish it!

We had an interesting conversation over dinner. I was telling them how I needed pictures for my blog, and Jess said she couldn’t post any of these pictures because she runs a healthy food blog. I see her point, but at the same time I raised some thought for her to think about. Yes, she is a registered dietician. And yes, she should be promoting healthy meals. However, I was telling her that these types of meals are what we eat very occasionally. 95% of the time, we are conscious of the idea that health is important to us. Having an unhealthy meal, makes us human and relatable to people we want to help in the health world. Am I making sense? Just something to think about. I know not everyone will agree.

We came back home and watched Hot Fuzz- I love that movie! Better in my opinion than Shaun of the Dead, and Simon Peg is so funny. Not like, lol on the floor lol, but haha that was clever funny.

I also made them eat my banana bread– Batch #2 and #3, they liked both!

This morning was church, my favorite part of the week! We went to lunch with them and some other friends to Chipotle.

Redemption Day #2

It must have been the 100 times in high school, and the 1000 times I ate it in college, but I got sick of and hated Chipotle for a couple years. Overstuffed greasy burritos with waaay too much cheese, sour cream, and guac put me over the edge.

Today I got a burrito bowl. Much better.

The only thing I will say- too much salt! I got half white, half brown rice and we all agreed the brown was like licking a salt lick!


But either way, not terrible! And it just makes me feel better my meat didn’t have antibiotics and the avocados were local!

Do you like Chipotle?