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You guys, I am so excited for this post 🙂 This post is all about June 14th, our 4 year anniversary! Awww…love is in the air! The Hulkster had a surprise planned for the big day all set, and kept the details zipped tight. Even my MIL didn’t tell me, that’s huge! I had no idea where were going, doing, or eating!! It was really exciting. Back in high school, he used to stick me in the car, blindfold me, and take me to a special place just for fun. The craziest one was when he picked me up from home, drove me all around town just to confuse me, then brought me back home for my 19th birthday surprise party. It was awesome. The day started out with being driven to lunch. At Wahoo’s Fish Tacos!

With a perfect gentleman

Tuxedo shirt- classiest cheeseball ever

Wahoo’s is a place my girlfriends and I would frequent when I lived in California. They have excellent food at decent prices, and I always leave stuffed. What I love about them is the freshness of everything! They also have calorie counts avaliable so there is no guessing games! If I’m ever on a lower calorie day- I break for their chicken tortilla soup. It’s light, spicy, and super filling. My mouth is watering thinking about it! The place was hopping with people, given it was lunchtime in Irvine. Irvine is the city that Taylor and I lived in when we got married. We had a tiiiny jr. one bedroom apartment, that might as well have been a castle to us. We didn’t care- we were married! Looking back on it, how did we ever live in such a small place I’ll never know. Ah, newlywed bliss! While we waited for the food, we reenacted a scene from Arrested Development. Anyone else still sad it got canceled?

Glasses on?

Glasses off?

Hair up?

Hair down?

I swear, we were 16 just yesterday!

And then the food came!

T got 2 spicy fish tacos

I got 1 spicy fish taco and 1 cheese enchilada

With nachos to share of course!


& Hers

I’ve always heard Chipotle has the best rice- please! Wahoo’s has them beat hands down. I just lurve the salsa they put on top- so so good!

One of our more recent traditions when we go back home now is going through our old stopping grounds in Irvine. Particularly getting ice cream! It was a special occasion after all!

Once again to Thrifty’s Ice Cream

What to choose, what to choose…PAH! Chocolate chip in an eat-it-all cone STAT!

We love to walk around Rite Aid and look at the random crap unique items they have. Fun fact: I used to get my swing dancing shoes from Rite Aid. They had slippery soles that were perfect for those swivel swivels! Hmm…16, or 86? I can’t tell 🙂

We drove around Irvine, looked at our old apartments, and admired the new ones being built. Wow! T went to UCI which I swear really stands for Under Construction Indefinitely! But I’m glad they keep improving the place. Maybe one day we can live there again, such a beautiful family oriented city! After our 3 hour 30 minute tour, we were off to our hotel- The Huntington Beach Hilton. Sigh. I was so surprised and humbled how my husband thoughtfully chose to stay there. It was the place we stayed for our wedding night. Ooo la la! Ahem…He tried to set up a ocean side view, but alas it was just too expensive. I really appreciated how much he tried but I was just fine with the garden view. We got to the desk to check in and guess what?! They upgraded our room to an ocean side view!!! I was floored, but excited to see!

We walked in and realized this room was even better than the first time

For starters, there was a balcony! The breeze was softly blowing in…omgosh so relaxing!

Check out the view!

Hi there!

After watching an episode of Chopped (lol, hey we don’t have cable ok?) we walked over to the beach

Fun fact: a huge dream for us is to live on the beach, the end goal is headed that direction believe me!

Heaven…I’m in Heaven…

Not a care in the world

Can you spot the plane?

We just laid there, soaking in the sun, sand, and sound of the soft waves. I wanted the moment to last forever. But once my stomach starts to rumble…I no longer care about feeeelings lol. So we took a walk on the boardwalk, boardwalk! Heh, sorry. 😉

The weather was really great, I had even slipped on jeans and didn’t get warm at all

We went on the pier and decided it must be Ruby’s for dinner

Ruby’s is an old fashioned diner that has amaaazing burgers. I love their salads and soups, and pretty much everything. Since the restaurant is on the pier and we were approaching sunset, I told the hostess we wanted a window seat. I was willing to wait because I knew it would be worth it.

I was determined to watch every single second of that sunset

And I did

Every second

It was beautiful. We scarfed our food down so fast I forgot to take a picture, but we both got burgers and fries. Delicious. The guy behind us in the next booth was trying to con his way into getting more onion rings, hows that for how good it is? 🙂 We wanted to do a little more exploring so we went back to PCH and decided BJs would be a good place to sit and have some desserts and drinks to celebrate. Little did we know, the NBA finals were on…uh, whoops.

I think it took over an hour to get a table, we didn’t care.

BJs is special to us because we went there for senior prom and our rehearsal dinner.

They have amazing pizzas, beers, and that night I discovered the desserts!

His & Hers

A pazookie for him, which is a big baked chocolate chip cookie they top with a crazy amount of ice cream. And a strawberry beignet for her. I was still recovering from the ones from Downtown Disney, it was everything I ever wanted or hoped for! I devoured that thing like it was going out of style. I skipped the ice cream because why eat plain vanilla when you can eat strawberry? MMM! T enjoyed his as well, but we both didn’t finish!

And bummer, the Heat won. Btw, I hate basketball. But that’s whooole nother post! You’ll understand!

We got back to our hotel and watched Triumph the dog cuss out some people on Conan. Is it just me, or is that hilarious? Maybe it’s because I hardly ever swear? Anyway, here’s to you Hulkster, Hoser, my husband!

4 years down, forever to go!