Mornin! How is your day going? We both woke up this morning a little weird feeling. Sinuses + air conditioning are difficult for us so we’re trying to take it easy. Thankfully  Thursdays are late starts for work so I can be here blogging for a little while 🙂

I got an email this morning, a daily email I get everyday about my personality. There are many different personality tests people take, and I’ve mixed and matched things from each of them to come up with an assessment of me, in a nutshell basically. Some of the results are a bit difficult for me to admit to, and others are things I would like to showcase more…well you’ll understand when I tell you. So without further ado, this is me in a nutshell:

My personality is all about caring for others. I am very compassionate about people, and most animals. Usually it comes when I least expect it. For example yesterday at the Firecracker 5k, there was a dad with his disabled daughter doing the race together. They held hands while crossing the finish line- omgosh I had to keep it together to not burst into tears and wrap my arms around both of them. Or when I get the change to see a cat/dog show where the animal was previously hurt or abused and then gets enough rehabilitation to now live in a home, with a family. No turning back, I am most definitely bawling. Baby dedications, Hallmark commercials, leaving my cats with someone else on vacations, I sound like a crazy lady don’t I? Well we’re just getting started!

I mean…can you….I…omgosh!!!

Now I’m not all fluff, I do have an angry side. My {She-Hulk-Out} side. It doesn’t come out very often, in fact some people don’t even believe I have that side of me. I try to keep it under control, I really do. But it always comes out when I’m driving, managing people, video gaming, or thoroughly ticked off at someone. The latter comes even less often than the others. Because of my compassion for people, I put them on a pedestals. I tend to doubt I am worthy of anyone’s love and that makes me feel ashamed of who I am. It’s sad really, because I know people love me. But in my dark moments, I tend to be disconnected from good thinking and truth and not think clearly. It can hinder relationships with friends and family because it’s more about what I’m doing to ruin the relationship, rather than seeing sometimes people treats others pretty crappy. I’m working on it though!

Ok, back to happy! I like happy… my strengths. I am a very harmonious person most of the time. I like others to get along, I don’t cause waves unless I have to. I am a super extroverted person as well. This is great for welcoming people, making them feel part of something bigger, and helping them trust me easily. I like to see the good in people, no matter what someone looks like. I can be friends with most people, but I most prefer a small circle of close friends. I like to fit pieces of a puzzle together, I like to see potential in a room and fix it. I loooove organizing other people’s closets. Never mind my own, I will be an organizer for the day and make it a wonderland. In all of this, my true core beliefs are strong. I know and have faith in people and myself to be who I am and bring their qualities out. Oh yeah, people resist me. But somehow they end up feeling like they can be themselves around me. And they really can, because I love them and all people the same.

I am not perfect! I have crazy strange pet peeves and aversions- I hate snakes, there is no redeeming them. Nothing you can say will change my mind. I don’t like electric posts that have a million holes in them from staples and nails…it gives me the heebie geebies look at that (or another example is a woodpecker’s tree…aaahhhh!!!) I don’t like clicking, tapping, any repetitive noise. AH! STOP IT!!! I don’t like when people keep secrets, I feel like I’m not trustworthy which you now know isn’t true! I hate when people are fake, I don’t like swearing, I wish I had the guts to pull a thug’s pants up to the proper height. I mean…seriously?! What is with the boxer covered butt hanging out? WHY?! I hate lines, unless I’m with someone I can talk to. Which I usually make a friend in the line if needed 🙂 I don’t like Say Yes to the Dress because I would like to jump through the TV and ring each bride’s neck, I wish I could like them but Radiohead annoys the crazy out of me.

As you can tell, I’m a ball of fun aren’t I? Remember, this is a nutshell. I have so much more to me. I hope you’ll give me the chance of getting to know me, and I will do the same. People are so important to me, and if I can’t get along and have conversations with people…I’m not me! So what about you? What are you like in a nutshell?