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After our relaxing day to ourselves, we woke up excited for the new day. My awesome in-laws both took the day off to hang out with us. Someday I will do a whole post about how awesome my in-laws really are, and describe how much they mean to me in a well thought out way, but just know they pretty much are my parents. The parents that chose me! How awesome is that?!

We started the day off by driving to LA to see Taylor’s grandmother, his mom’s mom. Whenever we hear about her, the story always seems to go that she isn’t doing well and this may be the last time we see her. Well she seemed to be doing pretty well when we showed up, given the fact that she was knitting (she hasn’t done that in years because of her eyesight!) and she even drank her daily coffee from Starbucks without a hitch. I was starting to raise my eyebrow at the thought of everyone thinking she’s dying. But I know I’m not around her all the time so what do I know anyway?

Grandma smiling in a picture? Rare indeed!

We were thankful nonetheless to see her

We said our goodbyes and headed out to lunch. My father in law is always “in the know” about places to go eat, and things to go do. He still reads the paper everyday so little hole in the wall places are his specialty. He decided to drive us downtown to go to a place called Philippe’s. It’s a hopping french dip sandwich shop that has sawdust on the floor and old decor on the walls.

Fun Fact: My brother was looking though my phone and he got all hurt we didn’t invite him when he saw this picture

Uhh…sorry bro

We waited at the table while my FIL ordered

You want to know how awesome he is? He ordered me a piece of my faaaavorite pie in the world- cherry, and got me a fruit cup instead of chips

Just because he knew I would like it

Aww, I love you too!

Speaking of food!

We each got a beef dipped sandwich, and our sides included coleslaw (I don’t eat that unless it’s sweet), chili with some fixins, cherry pie (just for me :)), cheesecake, water, and coke.

Here’s mine

I did not drink my whole coke, sharing is caring!

Believe it or not we didn’t really care for the food

We needed more dip!

However- that pie was to die for

I would return just for that, and to top the cheesecake with some of the pie filling- holy moly!

We made our way further downtown to the jewelry mart. It’s hard to describe without showing you, but there are shops upon shops upon shops of places that sell jewelry. Thankfully my in-laws have known and trusted one particular store section owner for years. All of our rings are from them, and they really are beautiful! My MIL and I wanted to get our rings re-dipped and cleaned so we walked around a bit seeing the sights.

We stopped at Starbucks, which happened to run out of venti size cups

So they gave us a Trenta

And I said, “Oh Mylanta!”

We shared, but good grief there’s no way to finish that thing!

Do you order one of those?

Something I have always known and thought about LA- it’s dirty. People out here in the Midwest always have this glamorous idea of Hollywood and Los Angeles being made of gold or something. I can tell you it isn’t. It’s dirty, it’s filthy, it’s scary quite frankly. You can do many things here and have great time, and more than likely see a celebrity, but I would not be sad if they bulldozed the place and started over. I’m sorry if you live there and you love it and how dare I…blah blah…I think you should help the city out and invest in a broom…I’m jus sayin…

So we got our rings back, all puuurty and shiny. I feel like I have a new ring even now! We came back through the traffic to hang out for a bit. One of my favorite things in the world is watching Judge Judy with my in-laws. We get a kick out of her, I know we sound like old farts. Oh well…gotta love that Judge Judy! We happened to catch an episode of Family Feud with Steve Harvie. Oh my gosh, we were dying laughing when we heard the following scenario. It was the Fast Money Round where they ask 2 people the same questions back to back. The first of the family members went and did poorly. Then her brother was next…

Steve Harvey: Name a command your dog doesn’t like to hear

Poor Sucker that obviously didn’t think about his answer: We’re going to put you to sleep

Steve was about to fall on the floor he was laughing so hard! They had to give the guy an extra 10 seconds because he couldn’t finish asking the next question! It was hilarious! Hopefully not one of those things you “have to be there.”

After wiping the laughing tears from our eyes, we headed out again to eat some awesome Japanese food from Ichiban. Our waiter was literally on his very first order and the kitchen was backed up, but our patience was reward with sushi.

So creamy and delicious- I feel slightly healthier after I eat it, don’t you?

Stuffed full, we then went and visited Downtown Disney. You guys, whether you have family or not, just go there. There’s free parking for 3 hours, food, entertainment, shopping, things to see, I just love it. The main goal when we got there was the eat beignets at the New Orleans Cafe. What we didn’t know, was how epic of a Star Wars battle there would be going on!

Thankfully we lived to tell the tale!

I just love the atmosphere here

Not too noisy, happy people everywhere, yes a bit crowded but it’s Disney!

That was even before our beignets came

Seriously, ridiculous in the delicious department

Soft pillows of fried dough shaken in powered sugar- Oh Em Gee

Another thing that’s cool- 10 bucks for a dozen, this is so unlike Disney!


The awesome thing is you can watch them

Make the magic happen!

Have you ever been to Downtown Disney? I’d love to hear about your experiences!