How is your 4th of July going? Ours started with a 6am wake up call! We needed to be in downtown Ann Arbor by 7am to volunteer for the Firecracker 5k. We were really excited to help out, there’s just something about volunteering ya know? We were assigned the position of the water station. Someone was griping about how it was an unfortunate thing but if you know me, I will make it not unfortunate! There were cups set out to pour water into, and I poured like a crazy woman! I set out probably double the amount needed, but I ain’t no foo- those runners needed to stay cool! And I’m a cheese ball too! 🙂

They looked like this x20

Remember, it’s 100 degrees right now

It was 85 at 7am

WaterRUs was needed

The great thing about this race is the runners are into it with decorating themselves!

I was surprised how nice the other volunteers were, but I guess nice people volunteer


Anyway, it was a toasty fun time!

I was happy to be splashed by the runners!

Apparently that’s the “unfortunate part” of the water station.

Psshh! We loved it!

We are sooo running this race next year! WITH SUNGLASSES!

That is if I will ever get through that Warrior Dash at the end of the month….eesh!

By the way, we were so tired from the heat and craziness- we went home and promptly fell asleep…

for 4 hours…


Happy 4th of July!!!

Any cool plans for you today?