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Going home to Orange County is fun. But going home is also exhausting! Seriously, just the flight itself takes a huge toll on me because of my anxiety. Then once we get there it’s literally a whirlwind of seeing anyone and everyone. We love it, please do not mistake that. But what we really love, are the days we can just hang out and plan our own days. Like the Monday after we got there, everyone was at work so we could do whatever we wanted! My number one place to eat back home (besides side down places) is In-N-Out!

A double double, french fries, and lemonade

AKA- a calorie bomb

Fun Fact: When I was in junior high, I was so thin I could literally eat anything I wanted? Need context? Brace yourself:

I used to eat- two double doubles, two french fries, one chocolate shake and guzzle two sodas

I am not kidding

And it wasn’t a “stuffed to the gills” kind of thing, I probably could have easily eaten an hour or so later


So looking at that picture, really doesn’t seem that bad to me- given my crazy past!

The Hulkster and I drove around town, stopped at Ross which is by far the worst place at any given moment to shop for anything. But somehow, someway- they always have my running/workout shoes in my size- on sale! How Ross?!  How do you do it?!These are from the “Trail” section, I haven’t had black workout shoes since well…

Since I used to eat two double doubles in one sitting


Later that afternoon we stopped at Rite Aid for Ice Cream. What’s that you say? Your Rite Aid doesn’t sell ice cream by the delicious creamy scoop like ours back home? I am so sorry. Apparently back in the day there was a drug store called Thrifty that sold hand dipped ice cream. Well Rite Aid bought all their locations, but brilliantly kept the ice cream counters. Can I just say a huge flipping THANK YOU to whomever decided that?! I know it sounds funny, but this ice cream is the bee knees. I love it so so so much!

It was a beautiful day so we sat outside and slurped our Eat-It-All cones in the nice weather

Yep, that’s just one scoop!

It’s just chocolate chip you say. It’s drug store ice cream you say.

You need to get up and catch the next flight to try it I say.

The best part in our opinion is the end

This lucky man is about to pop that sucker right in

Right before I gave him an ear hat

No…I’m not 12 I promise… 🙂

After that we took my two older nieces to see Snow White and the Huntsman

We liked it, but I’ve heard mixed reviews from people

Particularly about how bad of an actress Kristen Stewart is.

That’s funny, I don’t remember everyone being the same and having the same personality. For some reason people want to poke fun of the person she is- guarded. Hello?! Isn’t that a rare quality in Hollyweird? Isn’t it refreshing to not know every single little thing about a celebrity? I don’t even watch Jersey Short but somehow I know that Snookie is bad news and sleeps with anything that moves. Argh- nope, no more of this. I will give no more attention to crap tv. Only to the fact that people need to lighten up. Trust me, I know. I’m a {She-Hulk} dang it!

Sigh. We went out to my sister and brother in law’s house for dinner that night and watched the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup- Woo hoo! Uh yeah, I hate hockey 😦 However, I so appreciate the fact that those guys (who are what? 220lbs easy?) skate so crazy fast and furious on that ice! Brave men, not me!

Anyway, it was a great day doing whatever we wanted. I was thankful for some rest because we had a big ahead of us!

But that’s another post 🙂