Hey there folks, boy did we have a busy weekend! I wasn’t expecting it to be, but sometimes that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Let’s see, I went to go visit my friend with cancer, we went to a birthday party for 2 of our friends (it was a combined party), then we celebrated with my bff by having a relaxing birthday with her. The next morning we woke up and had to fix our incoming mail because cough I forgot to give my friend a mail key while we were gone cough and they somehow stopped sending us mail. Thankfully it just went back to the post office, so I was able to pick it up and promptly put 2 labels on our mailbox that yes indeed, we are the Home of the Hulks and I will take my Health Magazine thankyouverymuch! We went to get the car washed also, because it was time to start another year of leasing a car.

Now in my very humble opinion, I don’t think anyone should ever lease a car. However in the circumstance that we are in, it would be financially dumb of us to not lease. We’ve got connections through family, and it’s so inexpensive, and we get a brand new car every year to use however we want. No limits to anything, plus insurance. It really is the best deal for us, but I know not everyone is the same so we try to enjoy this luxury! The dealership we go to is far from us but so worth it because yes we can pick up our car, but we can also go to Del Taco!!!

Oh Del Taco, I love you

We have these back home, but there are not as many in Michigan

Trust me when I say, Del Taco > Taco Bell. By like 100x

All the sauce you could want.

BTW, mild is the only one without HFCS

The decor is a little cheesy (ie: a cactus on the ceiling?!)

But we love it!

I would say the most authentic to my favorite Mexican foods, but try it and see!

Here’s what we got:

1 new spicy chicken burrito (not spicy in my opinion, but good!)

1 chicken soft taco- Hulkster’s favorite

1 cheddar quesadilla- my favorite!

I know, believe me I know this is fast food!


It’s just so freakin good!

If you don’t take his face for it,

take our empty wrappers as proof!

Nothing compares.

As our adventures continued that day, I was really happy we got back in time to say goodbye to my friend Jess. Remember my awesome friend that made me a cake just for helping her? Yep, she and her hubs are moving far far away. 😦 It’s sad, they were a special addition to what makes Michigan home for us. But life moves on, and she needed help with the final details of fitting everything left in her car, along with her brother and 4 cats. It was Tetris in some ways, and other ways fun to try and figure out. But the most important thing was saying goodbye. Which I hate doing. More than cleaning, more than waking up early, more than Katy Perry. I hate saying goodbye, I am much more into “see you laters.” Because as you get to know me more and more, I always come visit!

I’ll see you later Jess!

Not tearing up…must finish post…not..tearing…up…