Friday was my BFF’s birthday. She’s very introverted so since I’ve known her, I just let her be by herself on her birthday. For most people that statement sounds odd, but it’s just the way she and I work. Well this year she told me specifically she wanted the Hulkster and me to come over and watch the Olympic gymnastics trials. She used to coach and still does gymnastics to this day so you wouldn’t be far off by saying she’s obsessed with watching. The trials are just the beginning for her! I luuuurve gymnastics, not quite as much as volleyball but a close second. I was most certainly up for a nice relaxing evening! Here’s what I got her:

An exercise ball- She was growing fond of using mine at work. This one happens to be her size!

A sweater for her dog Bubbles- I couldn’t resist!

A card that says, “On your birthday, consider all your options.”- No one will get this but us, sorry.


This adorable lap desk from Barnes and Noble- Cute huh?

I was thinking I might show how to wrap a gift. There are some things my mom never taught me, and maybe this is one of those things you need!

Start with a flat surface, roll out your wrapping paper, and place your item on the paper upside down

This paper is helpful because it has lines! I’m kinda sorta anal about wrapping gifts perfectly.

Make sure the paper comes to at least halfway up both sides

From there you will know where to cut the paper

Alright, now to wrap

Bring the long sides together over the gift and tape shut

From here you can fold in one side

Like this

And then the other side

Fold the bottom flap under the top and tape down, repeat on the other side

See? Easy Peasy 🙂

Kitty says, “Happy Birthday!”

And there was much rejoicing!