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After we got to see my nieces, I was ready to fly back to Michigan. Haha, JK! We had a whole ‘nother week to have fun! I knew I wouldn’t be able to do much exercise, so I decided to go running the next morning- early.

Cheerful eh?

The main reason we flew back home was because my sister in law graduated from college. This is a huge deal for her because both of her brothers are nerdy smart guys, and she always struggled with school. But don’t worry, she is a determined individual and worked her way literally to the top. Her office overlooks the city, and I could not be more proud of her.

It was a cloudy day that turned sunny and warm as we set out for the arena

We all looked at each other with surprise as we saw the people waiting to get in- a lot!

University of Phoenix

My adorable father in law!

This is at the beginning when we were excited!

We saw a kid with a sweet mullet

And other kid with…yellow hair

And then this happened

Ok let me first say, I am in no way making fun of this woman’s body. She could perfectly fit in her own seat, but no. She angled her butt so she was in mine too! It didn’t make sense! Why would she do that?! All she had to do was turn an inch and sit forward, no.

But then the music started, and the graduates came in

Then 3 hours later…

It was over

We were all about to {She-Hulk-Out}, not just me!

It was a nice ceremony but just so long!

We made our way through the traffic for a nice get together at my in laws

I swear, he has a horrible habit! 🙂

We ate some grub and had a nice time

Congrats to my beautiful sister in law

She and her husband recently got a beagle puppy- Bailey

She doesn’t keep still very well so I took a lot of pictures like this….

hmm…I wonder who she gets that from…

We took Bailey to the park with the nieces from the Hulkster’s side

She wanted to jump in the water so badly

This was the same park we ran around that morning

We seemed to like it better the second time…imagine that!

There’s not many other places I would rather be

These shadows stay green 24/7 don cha know? 😉

(Get it? Cuz we’re Hulks….ahahaha…ahem…)

Fun Fact: My sister came up with a doggy water bottle idea while she was in school. She submitted it for a project after working so hard on the idea. Guess what the teacher did?

He failed her.

And guess what you can buy online and stores right now?

A doggy water bottle

I hope that teacher feels really terrible!

(That water bottle is not her product, but I swear she comes up with these amazing ideas all the time!)