If you can’t tell…I’ve been a little…off.

We got back from our trip home, and life didn’t seem the same. I missed my family more than normal, I was crying more than normal, I just couldn’t seem to snap out of it. Most trips we take I feel sad until we get back to Michigan. Then I see my kitties, friends, and sleep in my own bed. Not this time. I was in Mopesville USA. It didn’t help that my back started spasming again, so I finally went to the chiropractor where she took x-rays. It turns out I have mild scoliosis and a bulged disc. No wonder I hurt.

I’m still in pain but I’ve been getting adjustments and electroshock which helps, but it just makes me more sad. There’s no connection between back pain and missing family for normal people, but with my emotions everything is connected. Kristen Bell said it perfectly in her sloth video (I swear we are the same person minus fame and fortune so now you know who you’re dealing with! If you haven’t seen that video, get out from under your rock and watch it!) by saying, “If I’m not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale, I’m crying.” I feel ya Kristen, I feel ya. Well I was cleaning up the house the other day and I was at about a 3. That is when I saw it.

My Balloon

The Happy Birthday balloon my bff had given for my birthday in February…

was dead.

See how happy it is?! It stayed that way for more than 4 months!

I now have a sad balloon

Not only did I start crying, my brain filled with more things to cry about. Jess is moving to Oregon. Erin is moving to Texas. All your friends are leaving you. You didn’t unpack your suitcase. Do you know how much laundry needs to be done young lady?! And once again I turned into a sad pathetic heap of {She-Hulk} although I was not mad, I was just very very sad.

The best way to pull myself out of these things sometimes is to just live normally. Go to work, clean the house, make dinner. Let time pass because for me, it heals wounds. I can be strong, but man is it difficult.

Do you ever get homesick or miss your family?

I can’t be too sad because I’ve got my Hulkster. Without him, I’d be a crazy lady….more than now I promise!