I hope you enjoyed the videos of us surprising our nieces! It was so much fun because the look on their faces was priceless. I decided to do a mini photo shoot and I’m glad I did- because it captured the moments perfectly!

First we have Ashlyn and the Hulkster

These two are like peas in a pod, kindred spirits, like nothing I’ve seen before. I find it so sweet how quickly they bonded, and they’ve been best buds ever since. Living so far away makes it that much sweeter when we visit.

Aww my little sweetheart Halle

She finally is old enough for me to tell her of how I (not her mother, although she would say differently!) named her. The day she was born was the worst day of my life (post to come) and I ended up {She-Hulking} like I hadn’t in a long time. But I saw her in that pink blanket, and life was better in an instant. And then I cried. lol.


Back together again!

The oldest one- TG

Sometimes I have no words…

We’ll call this little girl Baby Bop

My oldest niece babysits for her all the time. Apparently her mom is non existent, but thankfully my niece makes sure she eats well and gets bathed. It’s sad when I think about it, but no one is a mother Hen like my niece. All my other nieces adore her- so she gets lots of love from them!

She was shy at first

But we all started jumping

And then we were friends

Mind you, this we 9:30 at night

Everyone needed some rest!

Apparently I mentioned bedtime

Who needs that when bouncing is so much fun?

After we left, my nieces told me Baby Bop was crazy about the Hulkster. 🙂


And peace everyone!