I hope you didn’t because I was gone for a while!

But if you did, how sweet 🙂 I missed you too. To be honest I thought I would blog. I thought I would do a lot of things. But life is so different from how we think it will be right? It makes it fun! Here’s to come:

1. We’ll review our most recent trip to Orange County (omgee do NOT call it “The OC.” No.One.Calls.It.That. And if you do? I will slap a Joe {She-Hulk} style. Seriously! Not kidding.)

2. My many, many meals I completely indulged in. Mostly not healthy because let’s face it, it happens.

3. Family galore

4. Why Michigan pretty much sucks right now. Please see numbers 1-3. I’ll get over it… soon.

5. My weight to lose…see numbers 1-4. Happy pounds mostly I promise!

Aaahhh, it’s good to be back 🙂