Fathers’ Day already? 😦 Ug, a punch right to gut. I can’t see my dads today. The best thing to do is tell you how cool they are!

Top 5 Reasons I love my dad

1. My dad was cool as a cucumber on my wedding date

If you’ve been through the torture of planning a wedding (I’m being nice when I say torture!) you know how stressful it can be. The one thing in the world I needed was someone to smile the whole day and tell me how beautiful I looked. Thanks Dad!

2. My dad is an independent

Not an introvert by any means, but himself. Self-assured, confident, owned his own business while working full time and running multiple other things, all with a smile on his face and plans for his next vacation.

3. He comes to visit me- and brings my mom

Those leaves are making me miss Fall!

4. He’s a lot of fun

This is a high priority for me. I enjoy going to sporting events, eating out, and apple picking! When I was a teenager guess who took me shopping? Not my mom- no way! My dad always fell asleep ouside the dressing room but woke up just in time for me to do a fashion show.

5. He’s funny, like my mom

Oh man. This is how my dad takes a picture. And I am NOT kidding when I say this,” Ok everybuddy look over here! Say cheese! No, move over there! Ok everyone, one………..two………. smile everyone….now, one……two……..no bunny ears…….one………..two………three………….click.

Yeah, that slow. We laugh after, but only after rubbing our jaws from smiling too long 🙂

Top 5 Reasons I love my father in law

1. He’s adorable

A kind, loving, sweetheart. Would do anything for anyone. Everyone who knows him, knows he’s adorable.

2. He’s old fashioned

He has a computer, iPhone, a GPS, and yet will always use a map.


3. He always takes us to cool places

Like the Redwoods in Northern California- really neat if you ever get the chance to go. Almost eerie how quiet the forest is!

4. My husband is just like him!

How awesome is it to know what I have to look forward to? My in-laws are the best, and they raised their son to be just that!

5. He makes me smile

Fun Fact: My father in law fell off the roof. Yep! In 2004 when the Hulkster and I were dating I got a call after volleyball practice that my FIL had fallen off the roof. He was putting up Christmas lights after it rained, slipped on some moss and fell off the roof! After shaking himself off a little, he pulled out a power screw driver from his pocket! Other than a few minor scrapes and a twisted ankle- he was fine.

Since he suffered a brain injury years before, they took him to the hospital where they put him on some pain meds. He went from talking like a normal person to singing, “Y-M-C-A!!!” at the top of his lungs!

The picture says it all!

See why I love my dads so much?