I am so exciting to tell you of our trip back home because it was amazing. As always really, great to see family! It all started with the night before…

Remember Bella?

She doesn’t like to have her picture taken


Yes, that cat is glaring! lol

She is a sweetheart normally I promise

It was so hard to say goodbye 😦

Since my awesome in laws used miles to book our flight, we had to leave at 6am. That meant we had to leave for the airport at 4am. We couldn’t find any shuttles that left that early, however a wing and a prayer (and a post on Facebook) our friend very kindly offered us a ride. I will be making her apple dumplings- stat! Thankfully I followed my traveling tips and tricks and I was all set to go. Anyway, she took us to the airport.

Breathing deeply, and listening to Enya

You guys don’t know this yet but I have issues with flying. I plan to do an entire post on it because it’s been 4 1/2 years in the process, but just know once I’m up in the air I have no issues. Strange yes, I’ll explain another day. Anyway…

I was laughing periodically at how excited the Hulkster was

Oh btw, we had such a suuuuper rude lady practically yell at me get in line when I went to buy a muffin

If you work at Le Petite Bistro at DTW and you have a major attitude- yeah I don’t like you either

Next time it won’t be 5 in the morning, and I won’t be as nice. Hmph!

Ahem…we got on our flight that stopped in Dallas

From the air:

Mucho leg room

My travel bag

The Hulkster relaxing

It actually got cold on the flight!

Thankfully I brought my blankie leg warmer!

Preparation is key for traveling light- but traveling well!

Almost to Dallas

On the next flight

Is it just me, or do your ears pop like crazy too? My ears used to be used to it…no more! 😦

One of my favorite things ever is flying into Orange County

But as you can see, the view was a little hindered

No worries, we got there safely!

So excited!!!

My MIL picked us up and we swiftly went to lunch at Whole Enchilada

My plate was enchiladas, rice and beans. Hulkster had San Fillipe’s Fish Tacos.

I didn’t even need to ask what he was going eat- these are his favorite!

This was halfway through- we were starving!

I think I had 2 baskets of chips by myself

Then we all went to the salon- yep eeeeeven the Hulkster!

He was skeptical at first…

But once he got that massage chair- SOLD!

We may have to make this a tradition

I enjoyed it too! 🙂

I got a gel french tip- I love it sooo much more than acrylics!

No bubbles and it doesn’t take forever!

Our toes

I heart purple!

Look at those shiny toes- such a manly man!

We left there with buffed feet, polished nails, and smiles on our faces- it was time to surprise my nieces! To Be Continued!