You want to know a way to make someone smile? To turn a bad day into a good day? To make an easy dessert that would please any and everyone? Make this:

Cinnamon Hazelnut Toast Crunch

Oh yes I went there

I promise you: this takes less than 4 minutes!

And in that time you will be whisked away to Happy Land

I am proud to know that place exists, you why?

Because I ate CHTC!

You see it all starts with bread

I always use 100% whole wheat

Stick 1-2 slices of said bread into toaster and toast to your favorite toast setting

Now butter it with Smart Balance, or butter if you like

Now sprinkle on a little sugar…

And a little bit of cinnamon

Yes, you could stop there. But I say keep going!

Oh yes I did add hazelnut spread

(I use generic because name brand Nutella is so expensive!)

And chopped almonds (because two nuts are better than one!)

All in under 4 minutes

See ya in Happy Land! 🙂