The Hulkster and I have many things in common. We like music (although not the same music), we’re tall (but you knew that ;)), and we have very sweet moms that cannot cook chicken. It’s true! My mom makes a killer lasagna, his the best pot roast ever, but chicken? No clucking way! Haha….sorry too much?

It’s not that they don’t have kitchen skills, it’s that their safety radars go off way too much with chicken. Because of salmonella poisoning,  they get scared and completely overcook chicken to where it becomes very dry. Not good eats. Having grown up with dry chicken, the Hulkster and I have enjoyed chicken to the nth degree because ours is…well…not dry. I guess you could say we took a walk on the wild side and ate chicken our mothers would probably put back in the oven. And survived to tell the tale!

Which brings us to last night, ladies and gentlemen. I had found a great deal at Kroger for organic chicken. Their Simple Truth brand is really great for us because it always seems to be on sale or I find coupons! Normally I’m a breast girl…wow look at me go! That is, I’m a chicken breast girl and I rarely get any other cut. The ones on sale were drumsticks and I thought, “Well why not?” The only problem is I had never made them before. Laugh at me all you want but I decided to search the web and found that simply baking them would be a great idea from Christie at this blog.

I started baking my sweet potatoes I had, and realized I totally read the directions wrong for baking the chicken. I saw 350, I put the oven to 400! I saw 45 minutes, but that was for side one. Did I mention yesterday was full of fails? It was a FAIL day. Nevertheless here is my documentation:

Here’s my chicken next to my foil lined baking sheet

I always spray some oil because chicken is known to stick

My little chicadees mostly skin side down

Here’s where things got changed:

I never heard of the spices she used other than garlic powder and pepper so I improvised

Liberal sprinkling of black pepper, garlic salt, and crushed red pepper. We like heat around here!

In they go with my SPs!

I baked them for a total of one hour. A. Because my sweet potatoes were done, and B. Because I used my handy dandy thermometer to make sure- yep they were done.

And the finished product

(They stuck to the foil a little when turning- so oil liberally!)

I let them rest because I follow the rules (but apparently not directions!)

We sat down to dinner and I hesitantly picked up my ‘stick.

Ok people, this was good. Really really good.

The chicken was moist, tender, almost fall off the bone.

There was no more chicken left when we were done.

And we survived to tell the tale!

I guess it wasn’t a total FAIL day!