Exercise is good for us, we all know that. But somehow people forget about the things that help aid in exercise. Yes the star of the show at a BBQ will always be what’s on the BBQ, but what about those side dishes? The corn on the cob, the watermelon, potato salad, the baked beans? It all perfectly wraps itself into a pop of magic that goes directly in your mouth and makes you say, “This BBQ is so good!” Now think of that BBQ as exercise, and water as the corn on the cob. A ribbon to the delicious package.

Water not only has been an aid to exercise for me; it also:

Keeps Me Full

This is me when I don’t drink water!

To the- T!

I’ve heard and read from many places how much water we should really drink and I know what works for me. Anywhere between 80-120 oz of water is perfect. I’m tall, I exercise, and I feel so much better with that amount. The key for me is listening to my body. Some days I would rather run over hot coals than drink one.more.glass.of.water. Other days (like this) I can drink 64 oz within an hour, no problem! There are times when I know I’ve drank too much because my equilibrium gets off and I have to just stop. And maybe eat some saltines to get the salt levels up.

It Helps Me Take Blood Tests

From that post you should know I am not good at getting my blood drawn. Anything simple like drinking water will help me feel less nervous. I’ll never forget before my wisdom teeth extraction- the doctor had a very hard time finding a vein because I didn’t drink enough water. Never again. Never again.

I Stop Picking My Lip!

I hate to admit it, but I pick my bottom lip. Argh, I’ve had the habit since 1st grade! I pick when I’m sad, happy, bored, spacing out, all the time. But not when I drink water because my lips aren’t chapped! Score!

My Skin Isn’t Dry

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have dry sensitive skin

Annoyingly sensitive!

What makes sensitive skin worse? DRY sensitive skin. Eesh! The worst. Water makes my skin so much happier, and the best part is that you can get water virtually everywhere. Besides my Brita pitcher and filters, it’s free. Cue music and dance a happy dance for cheap skincare!

My Family Swears By It

Though it may just be me and the Hulkster, any ailment we have is sent to the same place. Fever? Sinus headache? Cranky? Tired? Smelly? Get yo butt in that shower! That’s right! Water cures all things in this house. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken cold medicine only to feel worse and I’m still stuffed up, but then….”Go hop in a shower honey.” BINGO. All is well with the world as I’m transformed from snotty and shivering, to breathing in the warmth as I feel soooo muuuuch beeeeetter! Try it, you may just catch right on!

I Miss It




Ahh, those were the days. But look at that photo and tell me that is not sooo calming and wonderful!

Water is beautiful

And sorry Michiganders, the beach is not for the lake

The beach is for the ocean! Pacific to be Specific 🙂

It Keeps Me From Thinking Crazy Things

So this obviously needs an explanation. Whenever I’m not diligent with drinking water, I get dehydrated. Instead of feeling thirsty like a normal person, I start to feel nauseated. So badly in fact, I start getting crazy thoughts in my head. Like what’s going to happen in 9 months from now crazy! No bueno.

So… without water- I’d be overweight, anemic, bloody lipped, giant hive with a constant headache, chronic fatigue, that is worried she will spawn someone just like her {She-Hulk}!

Isn’t it easier to just drink water? I think so!

* Are you good about your water intake? What are your crazy symptoms if you don’t drink?