Oh maaaan you guuuuys. It has been one of those days. One thing right. after. another. Seriously.

It all started with this morning. I had every intention of:

-Waking up early

-Making a great breakfast

-Dropping the Hulkster off at work early

-Going to the gym to run my new intervals

-Going to the Secretary of State (which is the same as the DMV)

-Cleaning like a mo fo before our trip

-Make a healthy lunch

Ok, so let’s go down the list and see how many we can knock out shaaaaall we?

-I woke up late. 2 hours to be exact. I had one of those mornings that my alarm going off is part of a dream I’m having. The dream consists of me on a game show turning off a buzzer. FAIL.

– I did make breakfast, which turned out fine (my egg scramble and a banana/blueberry muffin) however I failed to see the turkey sausage right in the fridge when I previously thought I had none. FAIL.

-I dropped the Hulkster off late which really isn’t a good thing. There’s no set time for him to be there but it was later than the normal protocol. FAIL.

-I did happen to go to the gym, however I just could not do the longer intervals. Major side cramps have been kicking my butt lately- it’s so frustrating! FAIL.

I do try to let things go…not be sooo angry all the time

The sun was out after all

And those clouds…have I said that enough? 🙂

I even snapped a photo of myself

This day isn’t sooo bad right?

Ok forward! March!

-I headed to the SOS, parked my car, and realized….oh no…I don’t even have the paperwork I need. I went home only to realize it wasn’t there either so I went allllll the way back. It turns out I didn’t even need them after all. FAIL.

-Cleaning? HA! I haven’t even started! And it’s the middle of the afternoon! FAIL.

-My healthy lunch…it was healthy in a sense. By the time I got home I was really hungry so I decided to make a grilled cheese with spinach and tomato in the middle. Don’t knock it til you tried it ok?! I started to butter the bread and dropped it…BUTTER.SIDE.DOWN. Ok breeeeeeaaaathe…..ok just try again… Guess what?!

I’ve made grilled cheese a million times. Not kidding.

This is the first time in my life the bread has stuck to my pan. IN MY LIFE! FAIL!

The bottom, so very sad

The cheese wasn’t even melted 😦

You see the theme here? FAIL! Oh you bet your bottom dollar I was {She-Hulking!} What’s worse than a mad {She-Hulk-Out!}? A sad pathetic She-Hulk crying that’s what! &^%^%&^*& <— not cussing, just jibrish. My mind was crazy! I…just…don’t….even…know….right now… It all comes down to attempting to clean.

Guess who has other plans…

I think it’s kinda funny at this point right? RIGHT?!