How is everyone today? It was another gorgeous day in Michigan. I was so thankful to have an activity to do after work. It happened to be one of those days that I came in early to work to get a head start, and then ended up leaving late because there was so much to do. I guess it’s better than being bored right? I came home, ate a snack of cottage cheese, peaches, and almonds. Sweet and salty with lots of protein is what I went for! I started something new I’ve never done before: I joined a sand volleyball league. I was really nervous about it but decided it would be fun because at least I knew someone from the other indoor league I play on.

On my drive there I noticed those beautiful clouds again

Fun Fact: Back home on the 55 freeway to the 91, there is a breathtaking view of the mountains. See for example in the picture below:

This isn’t the 55, but see those mountains?

Ok, that doesn’t happen in Michigan.

There aren’t mountains to look at!

For some reason this really freaked me out when we moved here

Like more than it should have

But those mountains were so comforting, and not having them there…was so strange…anyway…

I made my way to the school

Trees are no match for mountains, sorry

Once I got to the school I realized I parked in the wrong place

I walked around to the back and realized I missed my junior high

It didn’t look at gloomy as this

I swear there was a crow glaring and cawing at me before I snapped this

It still baffles me there are indoor-only schools

Alllll day inside, seems life draining

(To be dramatic!)

What a school eh?

I started to think I went to the wrong place

Those clouds again…

I finally made it!

Only I can look that cool blocking

Just kidding…:)

I made the sad realization that although I’m tall, I’m no match for the sand and it’s height of jump sucking. Seriously maaan…I was liiiiike….did the net get taller?! Nope, it’s the sand. No matter how hard you run, how high you jump, how low you scoop, the sand sticks you with a sad reality it’s not indoor volleyball! It was fun either way. Our team captain told us he would buy us ice cream if we won the league- saaweeet!

The only thing I was a little…peeved by…are the girl rules. You must have 2 women on the court from your team at all times. Now I’m not really a women’s rights kind of girl but COME ON! Why don’t they just strap little hankies to our wrists to wipe any tears and tie bonnets with, “Fragile” written on our foreheads?! I feel like someone is trying to hold my hand as I cross the street or something. “Now She-Hulk, you be a good widdle girl and look both ways before a big bad man comes and spikes a ball at your head, mmmkaaaaay?” Oh puh-lease! Yeah, I’ll look both ways before I block it right back in his face, booyah.

Ahem…getting ahead of myself am I? I get a tiiiiiny bit competitive all the time sometimes. Sigh.

When I got home I made the easy preparation of reheating leftovers, or Our Southern Meal night. Unfortunately not the same tastyness, but still very very good. And we finally finished off that cake, phew! You wanna hear a nice story? No? Ok nevermind.

Just kidding. I’ve been helping out my friend Jess (another one not previously mentioned) on her organizing skills for the last few months and she was so thankful she made me my favorite cake. Isn’t that nice? It was sweet, and delicious to boot!

Also, the Hulkster did not have a good day today. I felt bad for him but sometimes there’s just nothin you can do. Well he started playing Diablo III to get his mind off things and guess who decided to make him feel better?

My little Bella

What a cutie

I find the level of concentration funny

What, you don’t use the couch as a desk too?