Good evening!

The Hulkster and I just got back from a looooovely run/walk through the park and surrounding neighborhood. Since we’ve been back from Nashville, life has been a little crazy. I was able to go grocery shopping and buy our usually healthy items. But then there’s things that get in the way, ya know? Like this example: The Hulkster brings/makes his lunch everyday which usually consists of leftovers, a sandwich, fruits, veggies, granola bar, nuts, etc aka healthy foods that I know the ingredients/calories of. Well sometimes his labmates bring in foods that are crazy like this…

I mean….COME ON!

He called it a meat sandwich

I call it gross but what I do know anyway right?

Apparently his labmate….a girl who I do not care for….but that’s a whole ‘nother post and she started it….

Brought this in the lab because she doesn’t eat meat and her family made it for the holiday

Fair enough, but not healthy

So we have to run in these situations

That’s all there is to it

It was so gorgeous with a capital G today

The wind was blowing, about 82 degrees, my perfect weather

Because I’m from SoCal not Michigan donchaknow?! 🙂

We went to the park and ran into a neighborhood

All the houses looked just like each other, but a little different

Mostly cozy cottage looking places

While we ran we saw multiple adorable dogs

and kitties

and rabbits

Oh my the cuteness!

Except for that annoying guy that blasted up hills like they were nothing

One of the most unique animals was a Golden Retriever Gray hound

Looked just like this! It was so cool!

I see another pet idea in our future

Right after we secretly steal Phene

We slowed to a walk and just admired the scenery and the cool breeze

Ooo….aahh, but mostly hee hooing from running

I just love these kind of days

Don’t you?

Stupid headphone wire

Theeere we go!

How was your afternoon? 🙂