Ok Peeps, this is not a healthy recipe. Sorry, this is a delicious Southern Meal because I miss Nashville. I also did not eat very much today and I’ve got to get some calories in. Is it just me or do you experience extreme hunger when you first start working out and by the time you’re in better shape you hardly want to eat a thing? No?! Just me? Hmmm…well that’s what I’ve been experiencing. Since we went to the place that has all things country last week I made some food we hadn’t made in a while but we ate while down there. At the reunion there was a dish my SIL gave me many years ago that the Hulkster loved and I said, “Honey, I’ll make that for you when we get home because I have the recipe.” Boy was he ever excited!

Southern Porkchops with Corn Casserole

It all starts with my family recipe book

My sister did my bachlorette party and had everyone bring a recipe to put in it

It was a tasteful party I promise

Why yes, that iiiis a boa!

Anyway, the recipes have been great for the last almost 4 years.

Recipes look like this

And these are the two I made!

Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees

It’s like they knew these two foods would go together or something! 🙂

You’ll want to start with the casserole first because it takes longer

Corn Casserole

1 Can Creamed Corn

1 Can whole kernel corn- rinsed and drained (get rid of that excess salt)

3/4 stick melted butter (I used half smart balance because I lurrrve it!)

8oz light sour cream (I use Daisy but back home it would be Knudsen…oh I miss you)

3/4 box Jiffy or Martha White corn muffin mix (Jiffy is cheaper but by no means healthy. Remember, this is a Southern Meal. I also hate wasting so I used all of the box)

After you melt the butter, pour in a bowl and mix everything together

I decided last minute to put it in a pie pan

I vaguely remember last time having a very thin casserole, almost crust like dish

Not good eats

Maybe that’s why I forgot how much I love it…duuuur 😉

I popped it in the oven and started the:

Southern Porkchops


1 Cup Coke (This is a RARE occasion we actually have soda in the house, and as you can see I had to add some Cherry Coke because there wasn’t much of the original left)

On a side note, I have used Coke Zero before, however I get heart palpitations from fake sugar (because it’s FAKE!!!) and I don’t do diet soda anymore.

1 Cup ketchup (I use the non HFCS kind because ew..and also because it doesn’t filter through my liver, sugar is not sugar when it comes to HFCS people do the research!!!)

*Ok getting off soap box because I’m having butter, coke, and sour cream tonight…eek! And yuuum!*

2 Tablespoons of brown sugar

4 pork chops (I get the thinner sliced) Kroger had a BOGO sale so win for me! The other package goes in the freezer.

For next time

Insert evil laugh because you know it’s true!

Pour the Coke (and in my case Coke + Cherry Coke) in a bowl

Then your ketchup

And your brown sugar

Don’t forget to pack it down

Not that you need it or anything…

And mix

This sauce is always more thin than I realize and I somehow always get it everywhere. Fail, lol.

Take your little porkies that have been rinsed (I’m too lazy to dry them)

Yes they need a cute name

And pour on that sweeeeet sauce!

Sprinkle with salt and pepper

Mine are always mostly covered by the sauce like that

Pop in the oven for 45 minutes-1 hour. Smaller ones cook in 45 minutes

Now for the hard part…


Waiting while that sweet smell fills the kitchen and then the living room


Your patience will be rewarded, I promise.

In the meantime if you happen to want to google a tutorial on this recipe-DON’T!!! For the love of Pete, Do.Not.Do.It. Why you ask? Well, back when we first moved to Michigan I wanted to make this recipe and I wanted to see if I could use Coke Zero (as I said before, you can) and little ol’ innocent me went browsing the internet. I stumbled upon a video, called something strange like, “Don’t Use Coke to make porkchops.” Hmm…odd…I hit play…Ok a woman is making a recipe for Coke porkchops…mixing sauce like my recipe…pouring over like mine…letting sit…well that’s differe….AAAAHHHH!!! I swear some freaky girl pops up on the video making these evil growling noises and scares the ever loving CRAP out of me!!! She looked like the girl from The Grudge! I was so shocked and scared I screamed, instantly closed my computer and rolled up into a sobbing ball. It was pathetic. Sometimes youtube is a bad, bad place. Thankfully my Hulkster came running to my rescue!

Well, looks like the hour is over! You awake still? Aww I knew you loved me alll along! 🙂

Your reward comes not only in amazing smells, but beautiful dinners.

I was happy no, giddy when I opened the oven and saw these two babies in there

The casserole was perfectly browned (the SIL was right- 65 minutes!) and golden

The porkchops were bubbly

And the smell!!!

This was my plate

Keep in mind the broccoli pile was bigger than the other two on purpose 😉

I served milk in our Coca Cola glasses because let’s face it, milk is healthier

Not to mention good when icy cold

Aaaand after

And I was a very happy girl

That is until I discovered we still have leftover chocolate cake…..(!!!)

You see why we run

This is why…this is why!