I hate shoe shopping. Hate it. I’ve told you before, I have gigantor feet. Whenever I can avoid trying shoes on in a store, I do. I don’t want to face seeing a beautiful pair of shoes I love only to have them not fit. A {She-Hulk-Out} waiting to happen! Most of the time I just take a chance at online shoe shopping, it’s not any more logical than going in the store I know. But thankfully there was a sale through Target online, and a discount I found so I thought I’d try it. The two shoes I purchased I’ve actually wanted for years now.

It’s so fluffy I’m gunna die!

Despicable Me anyone?

These slippers I bought for my friend Amy‘s birthday when we both lived in California 4.5 years ago! I think it’s cool the same slippers can be so popular at Target still. It’s like the Old Navy flip flops I guess. Although I’m not allowed to buy those anymore. Way too tempting since I know my size and they carry it! And all the colors….! You see my point? 🙂

The other pair are moccasins

Which I’ve wanted since I was a little girl in Indian Princess. Is that even around anymore?!

The website looks ancient 😦

Shoes that fit, awesome

Along with my ghost feet

I do live in Michigan…