Sometimes I go through life never thinking clearly enough to shut my mouth. I can be sensitive, empathetic to a fault, and yet sometimes I forget that life is much bigger than my little bubble. I went to go visit Carol who has cancer. I talked with her and her husband about many things, but the one thing I know is that I wish I had grandparents like them. I didn’t have grandparents that lived long enough for me to know and I’ve always thought people from an older generation from me have such insight to the world. They knew the world when it was simple, when it was best to do what you could, and when cancer didn’t have such a powerful name like it does now. It wasn’t the longest of visits but I so very much enjoy hearing stories. The one I thought was most interesting came from her husband Don. He and Carol have been serving Communion at my church since 1959! They used to do Communion once every 3 months back in the day so instead of purchasing holders for the elements, to save money Don went to the local PSYCH WARD and borrowed them from the Chaplin! Is that not a story or what?!

It was a lovely visit and I’m so glad I went because it puts things in perspective ya know? I’m alive and well. I can eat other things than what she called white food; rice, bread, white fish. I won’t get a stomach ache from eating strawberries. I might start crying now just thinking how good I have it. But I won’t, because she wouldn’t want me to. What I am going to do is show you some pictures of a normally gloomy day that I decided was a wonderful day. Because positivity is sometimes the only answer to beat cancer, rhyme intended. Kinda reminds me of my mom when she was on chemo for the last of I don’t know how many times…she came up with a little cheer. I still remember to this day, “No Mo Chemo Fo Me! Who’s got the Chemo? NOT ME!”

They live in a sweet little town by me and as I headed back I kinda got lost. Getting lost in Michigan is whole different ball game than it was in So Cal. You can look left or right and see a freeway within 50 yards, I guarantee it! Well here…there are a LOT of trees. Sometimes I like to get a little lost and find my way back because I have 2 forms of GPS built right into my phone and vehicle. It makes that “lost” feeling go away and I can have my own little adventure. Yeah, I guess that makes me a bit nerdy. Whatever, my Hulkster is a Chemist so I got the coolness of this family! Anyway…I was…lost

No no, not like that

Anyone miss that show like I do?

Lost shaped hole in my heart

This was my kind of Lost

I toooooold you there were trees!

And mud for that matter

I eventually turned on the car GPS

Consuela (my GPS voice name I gave her) told me how to get home

Along the way I saw an Alpaca Farm

What you don’t have Alpacas running loose behind a fence where you live?!

…..Well we do! 🙂

A little closer…

See? Not within spitting range on purpose!

And then I made my way to the road

Those clouds give the oober gloomy effect

But it’s not getting to me!

The Hulkster is out with Iron Man (my nickname for my bff’s hubster) and a couple other friends for a concert tonight. I’m here, just me myself and I. Kinda nice, kinda weird. But whatever, it’s a wonderful day!