I was able to record and watch myself because I just had to know. That dream was too freaky, too real to not know. Normally I really don’t care what people think of me. Trust me, I have the sweatpants to prove it. But singing is way more important.

Well anyway, how is your day going?

I have major plans to clean up after our trip. The kitchen is in dire need of straightening up, I have fruits and veggies that need chopping, lunch needs to be eaten (remember, you won’t like me when I’m hungry!) and I’m going to visit an elderly lady with cancer this afternoon. I’m a little afraid. Not because of her having cancer, my mom had it after all. I don’t really know this lady very well and I want this visit to be good for her, not stressful. I thought about bringing baked goods but I’m not sure how her treatments are effecting her appetite. I think it might be better to just talk.

I could tell her about our trip to Nashville or my mom’s own experience. I could tell her about my crazy husband signing us up for the Warrior Dash and that I’m.so.scared. I could tell her about our brief time with a dog that made us both cry when she left, or that babies will always cheer me up. I could tell her of my culinary concoctions that were successful, and that we finally became adults and bought our own furniture. I plan to pray for her and her husband, and I plan to be pleasant because most of the time I am. I think I’m mostly just going to be with her, because I think that’s all she really needs.