Aahh vacation. It leaves me feeling rather bored and uneventful in my life. If it weren’t for the delicious food (that I don’t have to cook!) the built in tv in my treadmill, being surrounded by family and friends, I would feel better about being back. And yet I don’t. Nothing like finishing an old vacation and starting one a little more than a week later. That’s right friends, we’re going on vacation again. Look at us, all adventury and all! I’m really excited because not only will I see friends, family, good food, and familiarity, I’m going HOME. To California, to Orange County, to my in laws cooking and equally comforting guest bed. I my nieces who grow like weeds over the Summer and make me feel like I’m an old has been when it comes to cool. Home to the land of In N Out…oh how I have missed you.

Until then, I’ve been moping around the house or work. Thinking about how quickly this vacation will go just like the last one, but wanting so much to just go now. I’ve have to review my packing tips to make this trip successful!